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    TR member Bucky Kaufman says 60 million Americans are Nazis


    by garion11 ·

    “It’s feels like being in pre-Nazi Germany when the militant right-wing fanatics seized power there. From the “defensive” attacks to the concentration camps to the appeals to racial purity”

    Among his various rants, he has stated Bush is Hitler, Americans are Nazis, All Christians as militants, and when repeatedly asked to show proof of his accusations he has failed to show any. He repeatedly lied, stated half truths, and showed questionable judgement in making these posts.

    What is the opinion of the TR community on such unsubstantiated and clearly lunatic and INSULTING claims? What do you think? Do you think the refusal of acceptance of the results of the 2004 elections are effecting Bucky? Should his constant and disturbing obsession with Bush be reported to the Department of Homeland Security?

    Please share your thoughts.

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      Slippery slope

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to TR member Bucky Kaufman says 60 million Americans are Nazis

      Once you start down that road – banning people for the views they express(repugnant as they are) where do you stop. Many posters here, yourself included, have insulted and sounded at times like lunatics. Many have shown questionable judgement. Should they all be kicked out? Who decides where the line is drawn? Is there an appeal?

      Reporting to Homeland Security? Jeesh – that sounds like a threat to me. I would hope that an agency would have the good sense to ignore such ramblings.

      Garion, you are travelling down slippery slope -be careful.


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        Freedom of Speech

        by protiusx ·

        In reply to Slippery slope

        I would have to agree with James on this one. Bucky may be a complete and total whacko but he is entitled to his opinion just as we are. That?s what makes this country so great.
        Trust me when I say that ?the man? is watching our posts and knows what we say. I don?t want to make anyone paranoid or anything but I am pretty confident that there are people within the intelligence community who monitor these rants. Bucky could even write things that could be construed as seditious or treasonous (which he has not been) and unless he acts upon these he would be within his rights. I am a big proponent of Freedom of Speech so Bucky if you?re listening rage on my Martian friend and fear not.

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          It’s a Matter of Character

          by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

          In reply to Freedom of Speech

          The anonymous, original poster is a fine example of why outsourcing to foreign countries has become so popular over the last few years.

          Here, we’ve got a web community that was set up to host technical discussions. But it’s absolutely polluted by folks like him – throwing tantrums.

          Years ago, when I wrote for TechRepublic, I got a lot of attention from creeps like the original poster.

          Outsourcing US tech jobs to foreign nations has become popular, not because of the skills of these kinds of techs, but rather because o f their character.

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