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TR Mugs for Charity

By DMambo ·
There's been quite a lot of griping about how tight TR is with the coffee mugs, so.....

Tell me what you're willng to donate to a worthy charity, and I'll pick the top 3 and (after you send proof that you actually made the chritable contribution) I'll sent you a much-desired TechRepublic coffee mug. Postage is on me.

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to TR Mugs for Charity

Just to be clear, DMambo is not representing TechRepublic with this offer (not that we think charities are bad or anything).

DMambo, from your post, it sounds like you're a TR employee. Just wanted to eliminate any confusion.


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Not Representing TR

by DMambo In reply to Huh?

...but I do have 3 TR mugs on my shelf that I have accumulated. Just trying to share the wealth

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Just wanted to make it clear

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Not Representing TR

Sorry. I just wanted to make sure that other members were clear.

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I was GOING to say ...

by stress junkie In reply to TR Mugs for Charity

... that anyone who really wanted a mug could probably purchase one. Then I figured I'd better check to see if that were true. I looked and looked. I couldn't see any way to purchase a mug or t-shirt. I even clicked on the 'View Cart' link, figuring that it would show me a page with a link to 'Continue Shopping' which would lead me to the TR catalogue. I found the catalogue this way. I also found that the link that says 'Books and CDs' brings you to the same catalogue. It's all books and cds. No TR mugs as far as I could see.

So maybe the 'griping' that DMambo mentions is valid. As far as I can see it is not possible to just buy one.

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funny isn't it?

by wordworker In reply to I was GOING to say ...

At the risk of inviting flames from sMoRt and his buddy, Mr. Tee-Fuel -- gee isn't it funny you can't buy a TR mug or, dare I say it, a TR T-shirt? Funny! All that demand for products...

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to funny isn't it?
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I donate half my income to the BIGGEST charity

by maxwell edison In reply to TR Mugs for Charity

Each and every year, I donate about half my total income to the biggest charity the world has ever known -- the US government transfer-of-wealth system.

I pay:

Federal Tax
Social Security Tax
Medicare Tax
State Tax
Local Tax
Property Tax
Sales Tax
Gasoline Tax
Alcohol Taxes
Tobacco Taxes (not from me, however)
Unemployment Insurance Taxes
Worker's Compensation Taxes
Hospitality Taxes
Entertainment Taxes
Road Tolls
User Fees
Access Fees
Entry Fees
Utility Fees
Licensing Fees
Late Fees

How big is that mug? Since all my money goes to this particular charity, it seems that I don't have the preverbal pot to p*** in.

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Gee Max!!! I would never have taken YOU for a closet socialist. LOL

by sleepin'dawg In reply to I donate half my income t ...

Sorry Max. I just couldn't resist. Like it or not, we're all closet socialists thanks to our respective respective governments. If it's any consolation to you, we Canadians get gouged more than you Americans. One day the whole thing is going to come crashing down around their ears and my only regret will be that I probably won't be alive to see it. As long as they own the presses they'll churn out more money on which they will tax us. It is our duty to pay taxes but we are obliged to avoid (not evade) the worst of the impact. Good luck with that.

Dawg ]:)

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What I already do

by ATXStranger In reply to TR Mugs for Charity

Not that I want a coffee mug, because well I don't drink coffee...

In my opinion, helping out a charity in actually doing something is sometimes worth more than the money. There are plenty of people who will give money but very few who get their hands dirty doing something.

I am the Treasurer and serve on the Board of a local group that produces musicals for children. Every year I work on the script, I keep the books, I sometimes sing and less times act, I help raise funds and I write a few checks out of my personal account. At the end of the every show I get to see the kids and their parents walk by and talk about how much they loved the show and how much fun they had. Those smiles and comments make everything I do worthwhile. Knowing that I have done something that has touched someone's life is worth much more than writing some check to some charity no matter how good their works are.

I do applaud your effort though. Its nice to see people offering to fill needs in exchange for helping out a charity.

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Good Enough - That's 1!!

by DMambo In reply to What I already do

I'll take your word for it. My kid is in a Shakespeare For Youth local production of A Winter's Tale which "premiers" tonight. I can't believe the amount of work the organizers have done!

Send your shipping info to and I'll send a mug out (if you want it)

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