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TR problems once again

By j.lupo ·
This isn't fair. I am getting Page cannot be found all over again. I was working fine and then at 8:52am EDT I get that darned error. What's up???

Edited to add: It seems all the TR weirdness is back. Don't even know if this edit will make it. System is really slow too.

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From 13:15 till 14:52 CET today till .....

by rob mekel In reply to TR problems once again
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Getting intermittent errors since about 7:15 CDT 7/13

by Tig2 In reply to TR problems once again

Which is probably not as bad as it sounds- I have a full day today.

Slow down started last night. Have gotten 404 on everything including the Discussion main page. Have also seen a number of half loads.

Good luck, guys! Hopefully this won't turn into the problem that it was last time.

Perhaps percussive maintenance will help?

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by j.lupo In reply to Getting intermittent erro ...

I don't know that word TT. But we know the TR folks are working on it, it is just so frustrating as Rob said in his post.

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Percussive Maintenance

by Tig2 In reply to percussive?

Is the gentle art of whacking the snot out of a system that is crashing. In other words, hit it in precisely the right place to get it running again.

God I feel old now...

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ohhhhhhhh - duh

by j.lupo In reply to Percussive Maintenance

ok, now I enter corner of room, put dunce cap on, and stare at corner.

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She may know the synonym

by NickNielsen In reply to Percussive Maintenance

For some of us, this technique is an "impact alignment."

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Opera v9.0 issues

by DugaDugDug In reply to TR problems once again

I had an error when I went to post my two cents about a Windows ME Shutdown problem in Tech Q&A so I did a refresh and now see that my answer was posted 3 times. Anyone else having issues viewing Techrepublic with the new version of Opera v9.0? Whenever I go to view articles with this browser, I see the takeaway portion but then the comments made about the article are after it along with the toolbar (for lack of knowing the proper term) (e.g. Print Article, Email Article, etc)

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I can't speak to Opera

by j.lupo In reply to Opera v9.0 issues

but I can say that TR is experiencing some problems including the double posting thing again.

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More on Opera 9.0 issue

by DugaDugDug In reply to I can't speak to Opera

In my case it was a triple post but I've had the problem mentioned since I upgraded to Opera9.0 awhile ago. I'll see the opening of an article, e.g. Title, date, keywords, author and the Takeway section but after that I see next page link then the toolbar and then all comments that have been made. The article itself is way down the page after sponsored links.

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It does sound like some of the

by j.lupo In reply to More on Opera 9.0 issue

half page weirdness we experienced. But I saw a post from the TR folks that said they fixed the article link. You might want to try it out again and if it doesn't work start a Site Issues/Feedback thread on the topic. TR people do scan through and even participate in the discussions from time to time.

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