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TR targeted marketing

By Oz_Media ·
While in another forum, discussing today's Hummer garbage trucks and how they guzzle gas, are crap knock offs of the originals etc. I noticed the SPONSORED LINKS were all for Hummers "H2 only $34,000" "Free price quote for Hummer" etc.

So obviously the ad bot just seeks out popular keyword to show us the TR Sponsored Links. (Blue ad bar on the right, for people not too scared to view ads online).

So what if we started all topics and changed keywords, aka: When talking about sex, use the terms banana and muffin to describe the naughty bits, or when talking about politics use Pez Dispenser instead of the president elects real name. I wonder what Sponsored links would turn up and how ineffective their ads would become?

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Interesting thought

by Tink! In reply to TR targeted marketing

Go ahead and try it Oz!

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Don't see it

by cmiller5400 In reply to TR targeted marketing

I use FF3 and have adblock plus installed. I rarely see ads.

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I'm right there with you.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Don't see it

I never see any of the ad's... Well I shouldn't say all of them... every now and then one will slip by.

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ya know what I say Oz?

by jck In reply to TR targeted marketing

I think we should all start typing in Pig Latin, and see if the things start oinking! lol ]:)

I hate ads too. But, I guess corp america has to make a buck on things somehow.

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I get it all the time with Gmail ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to TR targeted marketing

Mind you, occasionally it throws up something interesting.

Never actually prompting me to 'impulse buy' but interesting nevertheless. (Maybe it does lead to impulse buying!)

Bad Bad Bad!

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That could be fun!

by Tig2 In reply to TR targeted marketing

TR has no control over that ad feed in terms of the content.
If you look at any of the 3 Day threads, the ad content is
generally about breast health.

Pez Dispenser = Obama? That could be a fun game!

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Hey I won again

by The Scummy One In reply to TR targeted marketing

this time, I got to TR this morning and the first post I opened, was a Winner.
However, I hadnt had the volume turned down on this fresh built system.
Instead it blasts out "You have won a Nintendo Wii.
yes there was yet another sh!t ad at the bottom telling me to click to claim my prize.

WTF is going on recently -- between periodic flashing You Are A Winner ads, and now larger banners for You Won. Did TR become a friggin Game Show???
Normal ads are fine, I dont pay too much attention -- but now they are playing routines/video/audio, eating bandwidth, and for what -- to click to be a winner?

~rant over~

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Scummy, I was about to post same thing

by DadsPad In reply to Hey I won again

was driving me nuts. TR should realize a lot of us are at work, interacting online in breaks between work. Usually have sound turned on for Voice Mail. So voice advertising is not something wise to do.

I don't mind the advertisement, even look at some, at least sometimes. I also want TR to make a profit a stay around for a long while.

Ok, my rant is over too. :)

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Yes, Audio Ads are the worst

by The Scummy One In reply to Scummy, I was about to po ...

but video ads are bad if you have low bandwidth as well.
Ok, on the Wii one, just came into work, scanning email, hit the second system and clicked on a post to read. Suddenly I have quite a few people looking at me while I am trying to turn it down...
yup, the audio NEEDS to go!

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Dad and Scummy

by Tig2 In reply to Yes, Audio Ads are the wo ...

Do me a favor and email that feedback directly to Sonja.
She'll get in front of the right people. Don't count on her
reading this thread.

Perhaps the sound ads can be set to run on weekends or
after business hours.

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