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    Trade and its influence on civilizations….


    by onbliss ·

    Trade. It is one of those things that has been constantly influencing the world. It carried religions on its shoulders. We all know how much blood has been shed because of religion.

    The ancient Mespotamians travelled. The anceint Chineese and Indians traded. Romans and the Greeks sought glory. The Silk Route was established in the present day Central Asian countries.

    Later the Europeans sought Pepper among many other spices. East India Company was created. Trade flourished like no business. But brought in imperialism with it.

    These days…trade in the guise of Outsourcing has been a global influence. We talk about global economy. But I think we had global economy long back. They did not have suitable transportation. Just mere Horses, Chariots and foot. We have the amazing ‘electrons’ now doing all the grunt work for us.

    Japan has been making irritating the Big Three in Detroit. To me looks like almost all the goods are made in China these days. India, Ireland, Australia, Romania, Vietnam to name a few have been reaping the rewards of trade. It is changing the face of all these countries. Both for good and bad….

    Is the concept of Nations just an illusion. It has been always people. In the tech world, people associate them selves not as Americans, Canadians, Indians, Chinees, Brits or Australians…but as Open-source or MS guys…as Windows or UNIX/LINUX folks….JAVA or .Net…

    Have the business houses really destroyed the national boundaries. Is it just trade?

    Trade: Without you, don’t know where we would have been.

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