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Transcribing MP3

By BearyAnn ·
I want to transcribe some of my pastor's sermons that I can download in MP3 format. I have transcribed with a transcription machine from tape in the past. Does anyone know of any products available to allow me to control the speed through my computer so I can transribe from it?

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not exactly sure what you are asking

by Absolutely In reply to Transcribing MP3

but Creative Labs' Zen Micro allows you to record audio as audio file, which you could then transfer directly to your computer. Once there, options for editing, including playback speed, are about as wide as in a professional recording studio, with a decent sound card & bit of software.

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Editing Software

by BearyAnn In reply to not exactly sure what you ...

It's the sound speed I want to change. My husband just showed me to press CTRL+SHIFT+S while using Windows Media Player and that does slow it down quite a bit.

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try DMM

by strat69 In reply to Editing Software

try sienzo .com...may help....great for musos...for tab

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by BearyAnn In reply to try DMM

I will check into that one.

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Transcription software

by halldor In reply to Transcribing MP3

You could try using a transcription program like Amazing Slow Downer

It's really meant for music, but its speed reduction features should work with speech as well.

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by BearyAnn In reply to Transcription software

I will try that

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by MarshallMajor In reply to Transcribing MP3

I am the IT Manager for a law firm and as you can imagine, we do a fair amount of transcription. We have settled on using the 3-pedal version of the Start Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System from . This might be overkill for you, but it works very well with all kinds of digital media types.

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Pedal may be required

by BearyAnn In reply to

I have now completed 3 of 5 sermons and feel a pedal woould be more effective so that I would not have to move my hands off the keyboard.

I checked out the website for start-job program; it looks pretty good. I was hoping not to spend that much but if I do any more sermons it will be well worth it.

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We can transcribe those sermons overnight

by ojamestudd In reply to Transcribing MP3

Hi BearyAnn,

We are a church based transcription group doing transcribing sermons of different pastors.
We can help you transcribe the sermons of your pastor and get them back to you overnight at a very low cost. This way you will be gaining your time and also helping the gospel work grow in Indian subcontionent.
Pl mail me on
Thanking you. God bless you.

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