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    Transfering audio from cassette to CD


    by swkent ·

    I have tapes that I need to transfer to CD. I have a brand new HP PAV with CD-R, Adaptec Easy CD creator and a sound card with audio inputs. How do I get the audio onto the CD? Thanks for any help you can give.


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      Cassette to CD

      by pmjones ·

      In reply to Transfering audio from cassette to CD

      You need to link your cassette recorder to the input on the sound card with a suitable cable.
      You then play the cassette, while using a program like recorder (inc with Windows) or Sound Forge to record the cassette onto your hard disk as a .wav file. You will need plenty of hard disk space!
      Once you have a .wav file, you can burn it with EasyCD Creator.

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        by iniaes ·

        In reply to Cassette to CD

        The cable and the tape deck are important, otherwise you’ll get crappy .wav’s. Don’t use a walkman, if you follow me. You’ll probably want to run a hiss reduction filter on the sounds once you’ve got them on your pc. GoldWave and SoundForge are up to the task.

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