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TrendMicro Security Suite ..... Aaaahhhh !!!!!

By jardinier ·
From time to time we have discussions comparing various AV software.

However my purpose here is to share with you all my horrendous experience with TrendMicro Security Suite.

I was using it for about 8 months on one particular computer. It downloaded updates frequently -- sometimes twice a day -- and I was always puzzled why these took so long to download and install.

Invariably after each download my computer would freeze and I would have to reboot it.

Well this amazing program actually found a virus and deleted it, and although I was able to see that the relevant file had been removed from my computer, TrendMicro kept on finding the same file again.

Similarly with a trojan it found, it informed me every time I went online of it's marvellous accomplishment in finding this trojan.

So I uninstalled the thing (or so I thought) and installed Vet which has completely protected all my computers for the past 7 years.

However while browsing through File Manager (a much more useful program in many ways than Windows Explorer) I found in Program Files two directories referring to TrendMicro.

So I deleted these and found in doing so I had recovered somewhere between 200 and 250 MB of hard drive space.

Well of course, while I am merely making a statement, no doubt other members will like to share their bad experiences with AV software.

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evil grin

by Jaqui In reply to TrendMicro Security Suite ...

hunt down a 486 system
turn on it's bios antivirus.
wipe hard drive clean and install windows.
( need to use 95, 98 and newer won't run on it )
you won't get very far before the av locks the drive.
seems windows itself is a virus, according to bios av written before the gui craze took control

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by jardinier In reply to evil grin

Well that's an interesting little titbit.

Thanks for posting.

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