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TR(ers) - Live is only $1.99 ono...

Having been a TechRepublic member for just over a month I would like to share some insights with you all. These insights are disturbing and the perpetrators know who they are.

It would seen that there is a gang of TR(ers) who have the sole purpose to burn and bring down opinion outside their tiny perceptions. Utilising playground tactics they barrage and taunt until discussions become nothing more than a farce.

This may be amusing to them however it is ruining the site for others.

Would these people STOP barking from the safety of their anonymity and promptly attempt to seek a life or equivalent substitute.

Thanking you all?

The post tags have changed due to complaint.

**Read the thread and identify the Gang**

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Playground Tactics? Please! We would never resort to such things!

by maxwell edison In reply to TR(ers) - Live is only $1 ...
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by maecuff In reply to Playground Tactics? Pleas ...

You are such a big bully. How can you sleep at night?

Now, be nice and give a push, would you? I can't get the swing started on my own.

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Max, I will NOT fall for it

by DMambo In reply to Playground Tactics? Pleas ...

I will not, I will not, I repeat, I will NOT.

Damn, I fell for it.

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Damn tiny's

by Oz_Media In reply to Max, I will NOT fall for ...

It's those Tiny URL's, we don't need them here anymore, why do I always click it?

I know, I know...

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"The Link"

by maxwell edison In reply to Damn tiny's

It has taken-on a life of its own. Once an insult, it's now just a funny "school yard" joke. I still laugh when I click on it. (I hope I never grow up!)

And all you have to do is refer to "The Link". Everybody knows what it is.

Hey, how about that? I've created TWO TechRepublic lexicons: The Water Cooler and The Link. (I should really start seeing my first royalty check any day now. Any day, guys. Come on. Share the wealth.....)

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Free coffee

by NickNielsen In reply to "The Link"

Whenever you're in my neighborhood.

I might even spring for a Scotch.

Edit: There's a lounge in Columbia that is reputed to have several single malts available. Never been there, they tell me it's nice.

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yeah - dream for it. Just like

by j.lupo In reply to "The Link"

the mug, t-shirt, etc. You might get an offer to do an article or two, but more likely they are just sitting back and enjoying the show.

AFter all, someone has to create those things since they are way TOO busy keeping the site working. Oh and the spell checker being built.

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Bite your tongue

by Oz_Media In reply to yeah - dream for it. Just ...

I got my mug, after a couple of years of complaints.

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Well good for you OZ

by j.lupo In reply to Bite your tongue

The rest of us can only pretend.

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The problem with your royalty check

by Oz_Media In reply to "The Link"

It hasn't topped the cost of the stamp yet. Maybe one day.

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