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Troublesome Managers....Need some advice guys !!!

By stargazerr ·
My manager is a very very nice person but he becomes difficult at times.

I am trying to buy an anti virus for the office but my manager is advising me and everyone else to use AVG free edition, which is strictly for home users. We aould get fined a thousand pounds a piece. His reason is that the other offices are using it. The other offices are in another country and are hidden behind a law that says they are ok as long as they are using laptops. But that law is not applicable in the UK.

How do I make him understand??

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Ok, from the top.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Troublesome Managers....N ...

For starters, I think you'll find that the free edition isn't meant/won't run on networks. That's a major problem for you. You can't possibly rely on your users to update on their own. (No chance!) Even if you go round yourself, and verbally tell them to do it, I guarantee they'll just say yes, then leave it till they've finished what they're doing, and then forget about it.

Not having it automatically update on the network, is, IMHO about the equivalent of not having any AV on at all.

Second, find the bit in the licencing that says that the particular law does not apply here, and show it to him. Right under his nose. Also, CYA - have a witness present when you show him this. If this law also states what the fines are, put that under his nose, too.

Lastly (for now, this is all off the top of the head) get onto the FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) website. They're the guys who strike fear in the hearts of government offices when they announce a visit. (Been there, done that) Make sure your boss knows who they are, what they can do, and what the likely fines are.

Oh, and FYI - it's not normally known, but persistant offenders have been known to have tax auditors pointed towards them by a certain "department"

Hope this helps - as I said, this is straight from the brain, but I'll keep thinking. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.

Best of Luck !


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Thanx GG

by stargazerr In reply to Ok, from the top.....

Good advice...I have tried most of it but I am going to try the new bits...

I have never seen such a stubborn guy...He wont listen to me even when I put the actual figures (the fine he will need to pay) in front of him.

If nothing works, I was just thinking of letting him go ahead and use AVG free. I am certainly not going to use it on my machine. And if he complains...I just plan to say "I said so" ...

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My AVG Home

by Dr Dij In reply to Thanx GG

DOES update automatically, every time I boot

(not that it's a good idea for your company)

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Still good to point out

by jdclyde In reply to My AVG Home

because you want to make sure your not using invalid reasons in your arguement or you just blew all credibility for all other arguements.

Never exadurate, never imbellish. Just the facts (ma'am).

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And Facts it is !!!

by stargazerr In reply to Still good to point out

:) That is the foremost thing in my mind...Shouldn't say anything that could be held against me in the future :)

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Sometimes I let the Wookie win

by illilli In reply to Thanx GG

My boss once decided to super-micro-manage one of my projects. He was like, "OK, go print out a list of the documents by category." "Now, go through them and manually look for any duplicates." "Do this in Excel, so I can see it." "Now, copy the duplicates over to another Excel sheet." "Check them against what files are on the CDs." On and on and on and on ...

I just gave him indignant look after indignant look as he patronized my intelligence. I was honestly livid by his inefficient methods and instructions! (seriously, I was very pissed)

Well, I finally approached him and asked him why he was micro-managing this project. He explained to me that he liked to get paid just as much as I did. We were going through a slow period and he needed to work on something, so he was helping me.

So, I just let him help. I followed his instructions to the last letter. Hey, I have to get paid too!

Did I have a point here? Oh yeah.... Maybe your boss just doesn't care. He probably doesn't think the use of the software will ever be detected and believes he can worm out of it based on a technicality, probably through blaming someone else in the company like you. We don't always know our manager's intentions and they don't always feel like sharing them with us. However, right or wrong, as long as the buck (or pound in this case) stops with them, so be it!

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Join the Club...

by stargazerr In reply to Sometimes I let the Wooki ...

We just have to sometimes keep our intelligence to one side and let the managers have their way....

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I was in the same boat with you.

by deception In reply to Sometimes I let the Wooki ...

After having managed the entire helpdesk and support service (which has been going on for half a year before I commenced with them) for the company for almost 2 years. Knowing each and every customers front to back. Recovered the organisation's from bad reputation and the dodgie jobs they used to do.

New management started, and new manager joined our team. He demanded reports which I've been writing for the past year and a half, I told him it's already there but he got aggro' at me and ordered me to do it in the format he wants. This basically diverted me from my main responsibilities. Took me half a day everyday for almost 3 weeks to complete it.

Then he he kept asking me to add things to it, or if he changed his mind, he would order me to modify it.

Reports after reports, he requested the same piece of information, everytime I would say "it's already there, in the last report". His failure to spend enough time to understand the structure of our current work and client has made me suffered greatly. After so many reports I said to him.....

"Look, I don't mean to offend you, but I think you haven't been reading every paragraphs of my reports, the pieces of information you require and asked for have always been in the last 9 revisions of the reports"

He then got really angry as if I was insulting his intelligence or something. So I gave him the final report an hour later and told him if he is not happy then he is very welcome to walk down to the other floors and promote someone to do my job.

I regret not leaving the company at the time, I was later asked to install pirated software, lie to clients, secretly breaching the service level agreement, and overcharging customers.

I did stand up for what I believed was right, then he sacked for some stupid reasons he made up.

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Shady companies do shady schmutz!

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to I was in the same boat wi ...

I would rather not work for that company if that company under management changes does some shady deeds. Perhaps that manager is doing it illegally for money.

Just a brief thought, that is all.


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Just as well you're out . . .

by Real Aus Tech In reply to I was in the same boat wi ...

Because that company is clearly heading for trouble, very much big time! Sooner or later (and probably much sooner), they will get caught breaking the law, and then the sh** will well and truly hit the fan. So good luck in whatever new job you have

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