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TR's Geek King and Queen are...

By Beth Blakely ·


Hear ye, hear ye. I'm about to crown some royalty. As I promised in last week's Blog Roundup Newsletter, I've chosen the King and Queen of TR based on member nominations. Ready?

The King and Queen of the Geeks, those who sit on the royal throne at
TechRepublic are none other than BFILMFAN and GADGETGIRL.

* BFILMFAN's profile

*GADGETGIRL's profile

You may be wondering, "Why, Beth? With what logic did you make this
momentous decision?"

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I'll just say that BFilmFan's tireless
work in the Tech Q & A, his knowledge of comics, and his ability to be
a TR firestarter made him King Geek in my eyes.

Learning more about gadgetgirl was a real pleasure, and I'm proud to
name her Queen Geek. She doesn't have the largest total number of
posts, she isn't a whiz in the Tech Q&A, but she is a geek's geek. Take
her profile, for example. She writes, "Ideally, would love to run
my own Security Department and get the awareness right [the] first
time!" Who says that? A geek.

Plus, she has an expensive hobby that she's really obsessed about.
Don't believe me? It's all chronicled in her blog, Of Tall Ships and
Tyne Tootles.

While we're off topic, I'd like to pass out a couple more awards, if I

* The award for "best unnecessary declination speech" goes to M_A_R_K.

* The award for "quickest to turn a thread to smut" goes to jdclyde.

* And finally, the award for "takes one to know one" goes to our newly
crowned king, BFilmFan for nominating our ineligible but beloved Trivia
Geek for the throne.

What did I miss? This week, you can hijack the Blog Roundup discussion
thread to pass out your own awards as I have above. Let's keep it
clean, folks. jck and ITgirli, this means you! (I kid, I kid!)

* jck's discussion activity

* ITgirli's discussion activity

I assure you, the serious questions will be back next issue, so take
full advantage of this opportunity.

Miss an issue? You can view the Blog Roundup archive here.

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File this under Take No Prisoners: THE JUGGLER has the "fun" task of
locking down computers for prisoners to use. Find out about the method
he's planning to use in his latest blog post, "Monitoring and

GEOTUBE has gone to all the trouble to create a free product for people
and now they won't even e-mail him to tell him what they want improved.
What's up with that? Read his latest post about F-Erase 2.1 and offer
him some suggestions, please.

TR contributor RAMON PADILLA is "the man" when it comes to laws and
legislation. He points to two sites that'll help you in your legal

He doesn't stop there. Ramon has also provided an interesting blog post
about change management detailing a tale of a change in an application
that has been "overwhelming" to many users despite the fact that they'd
been warned.

Find out about Microsoft's new RSS platform via AKSELSOFT's blog.

KEVIN RAGSDALE tells us, "I Just Got Spanked for Writing Good
Software." Need I say more?

APOTHEON has provided an important lesson about Linux utilities: How to
make them stop!

Would you want to "Carry a bootable Linux on your iPod nano?" TR
staffer REX BALDAZO doesn't think so.

TSHINDER brings us a dose of "Bogus Reasoning of the Week." Has the
"echo effect" changed people's thoughts regarding the placement of
front-end Exchange Servers in perimeter networks? You do the math.



Are you in the mood to be a bit controversial? Do you have a strong
opinion that you're not afraid to share? If you've got something
flame-worthy to say, use the firestarter tag. But if it gets too hot
for you, don't come crying to us. We're gonna let 'em burn!



If your blog posts have never made it into this section of the Blog
Roundup Newsletter, perhaps you should take some advice from THE
JUGGLER in his post, "You need a sense of humor."

Do you know what "Eating Ur own dog food" means? NARENDRN does.

It wasn't much fun, but read about ADDICTED2SPEED'S latest "run in"
with a random driver.

Several of my coworkers in the Louisville, KY area have had the
sniffles, lately. They should have a bowl or two of ARSNAKE's "Hacker
Noodle Soup."



Commandeer the Blog Roundup discussion thread this week and come up
with your own awards to bestow upon your fellow TR members. Remember,
you catch more flies with honey? but who wants to catch flies?

If you've got suggestions or comments about the Blog Roundup, send me
an e-mail. If you're recommending a blog for the next newsletter,
please include a link to the member's blog and a sentence or two about
why you found it helpful. (Please use "Blog Roundup" as the subject.)

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I would like to thank all the little people

by jdclyde In reply to TR's Geek King and Queen ...

because it is easier to see when they are up front instead of some tall a$$ dude like M A R K or JCK. :)

I would also like to thank GG, for playing along with my decadent decent into her gutters! :^O

I would really really really like to thank MAMBO, who in his own way reminds me of just how "Off-Topic" a few of us get, and allow us to bask in the glory of it all! B-) If wasn't for him, I would take some of the truely wonderful smut for granted! That just wouldn't do. kudos my friend! ;\

Yeah, swill boy shows up to fan that flames once the spark has been struck! (get that gas out of here....)

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by Jaqui In reply to I would like to thank all ...

you now can make use of your Throne.

since yer so full of hot gas you'll need it.

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Well duh

by jdclyde In reply to here

Where do you think that they got that picture from in the first place Jaqui?

Your just jelous that YOU didn't rate an award and I did!

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by Jaqui In reply to Well duh

check the nominations thread, I posted it right after the original article got posted.

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Unnecessary declination?

by M_a_r_k In reply to TR's Geek King and Queen ...

Best "unnecessary" declination speech? My feelings are hurt. I thought I was in the running up until the very end for the coveted geek award. The drama, tension and high stakes surrounding the contest between the BFilmster and me was reminiscent of Gore-Bush, Truman-Dewey, Yankees-Red Sox, David-Goliath.... Now we can add the names of M_a_r_k and BFilmGuy to the list of the great battles that our grandkids and our grandkids' kids and their grandkids will read about in their high school history classes.

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What to you mean I hurt your feelings?

by jdclyde In reply to Unnecessary declination?

"I didn't know you had any feelings" (love that song)

It truely is a same that you have been passed over in this shameful fashion! If you were good with a pillow, you could of at least had a chance for Queen?

I knew I wasn't in contention for the title of "King Geek". I have seen a womans "mommy parts" before, so that knocked me right out of the running! :^O

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No...Ms. Blakely did it

by M_a_r_k In reply to What to you mean I hurt y ...

Beth gave me the award for best unnecessary declination speech. Unnecessary?? ****, I thought it was very necessary for me to decline because I certainly would have (undeservedly) won the geek award if I hadn't. :^O I was prepared to throw wave after wave of my diehard supporters into the fray. However, Beth apparently thinks I had no chance at this gem of an honor. ? I'm starting to think the election was fixed. Ballot-box stuffing, bribery, scandalous deeds, trading women for votes, chad hanging... Those other kinds of election day improprieties are supposed to happen only in 3rd-world ratholes. ;\

P.S. I sure I am glad I learned about all these emoticons!

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Didn't mean "I" as in ME

by jdclyde In reply to No...Ms. Blakely did it

Just got me thinking of "Peace Sells" and the rest fell in place.

But I agree. The fix was in, and I think we got our "awards" as a kick back to shut us up! B-)

After all, how is a bunch of naked women having a pillow fight "smut"? Just wholesome family entertainment!

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Regarding smut...

by Beth Blakely In reply to Didn't mean "I" as in ME

It's all relative.

And yes, the "fix" was in. I told y'all that *I* would be doing the crowning. Did I get any floral deliveries? Chocolates? Odes? Accolades? Cash? Nope. Or at least none that you know of...

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Why are you doing this?

by Beth Blakely In reply to No...Ms. Blakely did it

You knew going into this that *I* was the true Queen and would crown whomever I pleased. And, of course, if I'd crowned you then people would discover our secret alliance and our plans to take over the world.

Didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Just thought the declination post was hilarious, especially after I searched the thread for who had nominated you. ;-)

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