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TR's "Top 100" Icon Awards 2005!

By admin ·
I would like to nominate #41 dpetrak in the category "Best Icon" :)

I would also like to see a new category "Most Popular Species Represented by an Icon in a Tech Forum" go to the species: "Cats" with a heartfelt thanks to #7 HAL 9000 and #10 HOUSE

In the "Not gonna fly as a Turkey" Category I appreciate #15 maxwell edison and the surrounding mysteries of his post in said category.

Of course #33 gets my vote for "Best Sense of Security in an Icon".

I found Oz's icon interesting as I did his #2 status, but hesitate to comment here as I am sure he can (and quite possibly may) explain the icon and why he is #2 (ever watch the TV show The Prisoner?). More importantly he may give us clues as the identity in the question "Who is #1". Of course now that I have posted he may not, but then: "Ziggy Played Guitar".

#73 for "Best Hat"

#1 BFilmFan gets my "Best Dressed" vote

and in honorable mention #71 Aldanatech because the icon looks like anime but I can't place it.

To all of you on the top 100 list who picked the "ShadowPerson" superhero icon, well, stop being lemmings.

Thank you TR, for allowing me to place my nominations in the top 100 icons, gleaned from the impressive page at:


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Thank you, thank you

by Cactus Pete In reply to TR's "Top 100" Icon Award ...

I'd like to thank all the little people - I wish I was more like you.

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~LoL~ I lov that icon :>

by admin In reply to Thank you, thank you

It just cracks me up!

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Nope - you're no turkey

by maxwell edison In reply to Thank you, thank you

But who, exactly, are you refering to - stupid post, I mean?

I love it to, dpetrak.

And admin - great subject for some lighthearted discussion.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Nope - you're no turkey

Maybe, if you have to ask...

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I do believe the icon is from Office Space

by TomSal In reply to Ahem...

I like dpetrak's icon too...and the great "anti-work" movie that its from, Office Space. :)

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FYI, for "Office Space" fans...

by Salamander In reply to I do believe the icon is ...

...the red swingline stapler is available on:

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by apotheon In reply to FYI, for "Office Space" f ...


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They have...

by Salamander In reply to ooh

...some excellent things to waste money on. I am contemplating the "Digital Angel" and "Dead Hex People" T-shirts.

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I did that as a joke once

by Oz_Media In reply to FYI, for "Office Space" f ...

Sortly after the movie Office Space came out, there was a constant stream of office chat about it, I left a stagnant job for another offer. It was on good terms and I still do some feelance work for them.

So the Monday after I left (a week before the other job started) I went back to the office and sat on the phone talking to friends, played with the computer all day etc. People were happy to see me but weren't too sure how to ask why I was back and why I wasnt working because th boss was away for a few days. The boss wasn't around until Wednesday so I put in a few days (casually) until he came back. He looked at me and asked, "Didn't you go and work for xxxxx?"

It was funny because it only took a few seconds for him to put it together and then start laughing "Office Space, right?"

Oh well, we had a few beers and a good laugh anyway, before I started work for his competitor.

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Sounds as if

by Salamander In reply to I did that as a joke once had them going!

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