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    by fluxit ·

    Given the devastation and death caused by the recent Tsunami in the IO region how can IT provide relief support, warning, and economic recovery for that region?

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      Immediate needs much more basic

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to TSUNAMI AND IT

      The skills that are needed at this early stage in the tragedy are medical, forensic, and I guess counselling.

      I would also imagine that people with construction skills will be appreciated in the near future, as most of the vitims don’t have a roof over their heads.

      No doubt IT will be involved in the early warning system that is being discussed.

      Otherwise, just money to help provide for the most immediate essentials — food, medicine, water purification, clothes, bedding.

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        I THINK…

        by fluxit ·

        In reply to Immediate needs much more basic

        IT is pivotal to the relief effort and immediate actions. One of the first things that happens in these events is sites are setup and satelites spots are focused on the affected region. Ro-Ro vehicles are simultaneously deployed. Photos and video are taken of the injured in triage sites then many medical evaluations are conducted via uplinks.

        There are dozens of other activities that IT can do such allow identification of injured and lost people, communications with distant relatives, or provide on scene aide workers with aerial damage assessments.

        IT professionals can think in these kinds of terms then they can build more value to the field other than just overhead.

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      Coordination of resources

      by gralfus ·

      In reply to TSUNAMI AND IT

      I read that there is over 3 billion dollars in aid given already. Scammers are coming out of the woodwork to get their cut of the money; orphaned children are being rampantly abused because there is no one to protect them; what is needed is structure, authority, and power to back it up. That authority will need to be able to coordinate the vast resources being thrown at this problem. That is where IT can be of service. Similar problems happened with the World Trade Center attack. Lost of money was thrown at the families of the victims, but not all that much made it to them. It was diverted to “other programs” and other pockets. Some of that abuse was documented and rectified, but much of it went unnoticed.

      It is a sad thing that those in charge often feather their beds with the money intended to bring relief to their nation, but it is a daily occurance worldwide. When billions are thrown at an impoverished nation, and years later they are still impoverished and without food, you have to ask where the money went and why nothing is changing. Unfortunately, those throwing the money don’t usually bother to ask or incite change.

      IT is a tool to allow better communication. That can be used for good or not. Prevention through early warning is a good application.

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        Eary warning systems

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Coordination of resources

        There is currently a team trying to aquire the funds needed to install deep sea monitoring equpipment similar to that recently installed of fthe coast of BC. This is the first such system of it’s kind and took nearly 40 years to develop. Not to be confused with normal seismic activity moitors normally used to meaeure ocean quakes.

        They are currently seeking to raise enough private/government funding to duplicate a similar system off the coast of Australia.

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