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Tsunami Warning Issued for New Zealand

By DMambo ·
A tsunami warning for about one hour after this post goes up was issued by the USGS. If by chance any kiwi geeks are hunkered down in a server room, but still paying attention to TR, please take heed.

Good Luck. Let's hope it's a false alarm.

Edited to apologize for posting in Network Admin category

Edited to update that the latest news stories say there's little chance for any damage. Sorry for freaking out.

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Tsunami was spotted!

by jdclyde In reply to Tsunami Warning Issued fo ...

sure, it is about 30 cm tall, but they found one!

Reports on the radio stated this was a 7.something and it would take a 9 to do the damage of the last big one.

Freaking out. The way the news was covering this, it is amazing there wasn't panic in the streets. The were MAKING this the story, instead of reporting on the story.

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Isn't that their job?

by The Ref In reply to Tsunami was spotted!

To beat up any story into something that will increase ratings / sales regardless of merit?

Or am I just cynical?

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Not cynical, just accurate

by Peter Warren In reply to Isn't that their job?

Isn't this the corporate imperative to create profits for the shareholders?

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Well I'm glad

by TonytheTiger In reply to Tsunami was spotted!

I heard it. I slept upstairs last night, and barefoot too, just in case :)

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