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UBS NT 4.0 and Wireless

By jenniferbrand_1 ·
Does the USB for NT 4.0 support the use of a wireless USB?

Thanks for helping


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by TheChas In reply to UBS NT 4.0 and Wireless

What USB solution are you using for NT?

Microsoft does not offer a USB solution, so you are limited to third party software and drivers for USB on NT.

The solutions that I have seen are very limited and offer minimal support for older USB devices.

B-Square is one such solution.
They do not specifically list support for Wireless adapters:

Please let us know what the specific USB wireless device is, and what USB solution you are using for NT.

Then, we might be able to offer a more concrete answer.


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by TheChas In reply to

What strange loops exist in our world.

My gut instinct is that the USB wireless adapter will not be properly recognized.

Start by checking what drivers the manufacture offers. Even if your NT USB driver recognizes the device, the user will need to install a device driver for the adapter itself.

"IF" the adapter manufacture does offer a NT driver, then it would be worth the effort to acquire an adapter and test it.

Heck, it might even make sense to partner with a wireless network adapter manufacture and create a NT adapter driver that requires your USB driver to operate.


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by jenniferbrand_1 In reply to UBS NT 4.0 and Wireless

I actually work at bSQUARE. The engineer that developed the drivers is no longer here, this is why i asked the question, b/c as you said it does not specify on our web site as to the wireless capabilities. I'm waiting to hear back on what the exact wireless device is from the customer.

Thanks for the help

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by BFilmFan In reply to UBS NT 4.0 and Wireless


I would refer you to your company's documentation which states:

Q11. Does BSQUARE plan to update the USB for NT4.0 driver to support other new devices?
A11. No, BSQUARE currently has no plan to update the USB for NT4.0 driver to support any new
devices. If you are an OEM/ODM and like your USB device to work on NT4.0 system, we have a
Professional Service Engineering (PES) group to provide customization work.

As seen in

I would say the answer according to your own documentation is a no.

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