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Uh, what happened to fair usage rights?

By swgoldwire2546 ·
Everybody's emotional beef is my concerned beef:

Sony BMG Music Entertainment of the parent organisation, Sony Corporation, has brought forth the uninstall patch regarding the copy-restriction software containing the "rootkit" available on 52 albums published by Sony. Now that patch has a vulnerability allowing hackers and virii to exploit and compromise the end user's personal computer, thus concerning the emotionally angry consumers, the TechRepublic and CNET crews, antivirus and internet security firms, and ME.

Because of the backfire, Sony BMG had to recall the published CD albums.

I am really concerned about Sony BMG and other organisaions within the music industry and outside regarding sometimes extreme measures to curb piracy. That could lead to other organisations in other sectors to protect and secure their profits and proprietary content by resorting to these means to curb piracy, including Microsoft. The United States Federal Government is listening. . .

In Congressional hearings, a bill was created to penalize any criminal activity over the internet, including piracy, and also to take a step further (in an effort to combat terrorism) to pass a bill to penalize piracy. These bills, if signed into law by the President, will change the way we use entertainment for personal use.

Regarding piracy of all flavours, the United States Government with agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelegence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, will request a wiretap on the internet and broadband connections to monitor for suspicious activities. At least that would require the consent of the Internet service providers, which would likely grant permission to do the wire-tapping. This will likely concern computer end users regarding the issue of privacy. I am certain some of you in the TechRepublic and CNET crews have read Geroge Orwell's "1984" regarding Big Brother. The United States Government, the European Union and governments elsewhere will put some measure of restrictions on Internet usage to "protect" end consumers and organisations.

There is more to the beef where that came from. . .

Soon, these restrictions of Internet and fair usage will cause us to go old school, where the Internet and computers of 20-40 years ago was not available to the public, we will have to go to movie theatres and concerts instead of purchasing DVDs and recorded albums (that is eighteenth century old-school if you wonder).

At least my case that is how I felt, especially since I feel that technology should not have come this far that it might not be expoited in some form or fashion so as to cost organisations and governments billions of dollars per annum (yearly).

That is my personal concerned beef. If you have any beef concerning this thread, feel free to respond to it (your responses could be emotionally charged if it has to). Also you could check out my weekly thread:

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks and have a nice day :)


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our rights are going down the toilet

by jck In reply to Uh, what happened to fair ...

in the United States.

A government that is on the side of the special interest, whether corporate or political, becomes a government of greed and deceit.

They'll let Sony Entertainment get away with what they want, because they fund lots of candidates.

The big spyware thing was damage control on Sony's part...and, I'm sure they've fired some design engineers rather than the VP who approved the implementation.

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