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Uk Suppliers of Gigabyte main boards and Graphics cards Dry Up!

By comasic ·
It?s strange how simple things in the I.T world can turn into a nightmare. Last week April 1st I embarked on the usual repetitive task of building a PC for a client. Specifications called for the purchase of a fairly recent addition to the Gigabyte family main board range. I have usually managed to source Gigabyte components with ease and a GA-8I955X Royal should not cause any concern. However given that things in the I.T field can change unexpectedly I was not surprised after attending several computer fairs in the local area, that Gigabyte mother boards and graphics cards of all ages are getting thin on the ground. Not deterred by this I decided to make a purchase through one of the many main stream online retailers. Dabs, Amazon etc? only to find that has discontinued the newest Gigabyte Royal boards and is out of stock of many of the older types of boards. This has been a repeated situation for many of the online suppliers I have looked at.

To my horror this simple PC build has gone from simple to a full grown struggle to source parts.

I have made some enquiries as to why Gigabyte products are becoming hard to source and a rumour came to light that several of the main large distributors / resellers in the UK have ceased trading.

The result is that retail outlets are left without a supply chain and we the customers are left running round looking for a supplier with the last few gigabyte products sitting on a shelf.

Can any one throw some light on this rumour and fill in some of the details?

Yes. I know it was April 1st when I first encountered this sourcing issue but this is two weeks ago and still no information has filtered through about what?s happening with the supply of Gigabyte Products into the UK.

Can anyone else back this rumour up?
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Update: 1-May-2006
In frustration I sent a brief email to Gigabyte sales in the united kingdom to ask if there is a problem. A day later I received a telephone call from gigabyte sales. The Gigabyte rep informed me that all was ok and that the board I was looking to source was marked down as an end of life product. This in its self was a little Shock?as this is the Royal flagship for the LGA775 socket boards and there is nothing on the market to replace it. The rep went on to say that these boards are being replaced by new boards with the new 975 chipset again not a big shock but where are the new boards. I pressed the point that all types of boards old and new are getting scarce on the ground stating that Amazon and dabs and my local supplier were having supply issues and the rep enforced there should not be a problem. He offered to contact my local supplier and see if he could help.

In the mean time I have been looking for any of the new 975 chipset for the LGA775 socket. Well gigabyte currently offers only two boards according to there website. Not much of a choice.

Just to add intrigue to the mystery, the orders for a GA-8I955X Royal board through are stated at having a delivery time around the 6 JULY 2006. This being a full two months away that?s not including the month I have already spent waiting on an order. The stock levels from the site also point to signs of a problem in supply. Out of 213 boards of all type listed only 80 are in stock. 26 of these are the required Socket LGA775 and out of these 26 boards only 4 of them are gigabyte boards. However these are all low end boards. Not a 975 chipset board to be seen anywhere? could it be I have taken the wrong path of using the LGA775 socket and I am getting left behind in the socket wars?

Where have all the motherboards gone?

Can anyone else see or feel this lack of supply?
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Ok, I'll (Giga)byte.

by dawgit In reply to Uk Suppliers of Gigabyte ...

You got my courisity up with this post, so I did a little checking. It looks like the model # GA-8I955X Royal. is maybe only available in the UK. (it's not offered in Germany anyway) I did find it listed here: [ ] (complete overview is at: [ ] for purchase info & I assume more see: [ ] the company's site in the UK. (U.K. G.B.T. TECHNOLOGY. CO., LTD. ? Tel: +44-1908-362700 ? Fax: +44-1908-362709 )
Ok, there are several Distrubitors in Germany whom, I'm sure would ship to the UK. ie: Alternate [ Webshop:, Email: ] or: Avitos [ Webshop:, Email: ] and 1 local by me: BEST-Computer Dienstleistungs GmbH I can tell you there is always someone at those firms who speaks English. (they are authorized Gigabyte handelers, but they probably won't have that model# board. see above)
I hope that helps you. -d

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