Unable to login donated machines

By kasb31-tr ·

We received several donated pc's for our school. The problem is that when we boot up a couple of these, the security screen pops up with UserID, password and domain.

How can I bypass this so that we can go in and scrub the machines? We are unable to locate the people who donated these pc's because we don't know who gave them to us.



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new oper

by wancona In reply to Unable to login donated m ...

reinstall a new operating system, and it will give you a fresh slate. If you can, use the product key that is on the outside of the computer case to keep from violating license agreement.

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Don't forget to FDISK first....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to new oper

You don't know where the machine was last used and certainly don't want to start out with a fresh install over a boot sector virus. Format won't get rid of it. FDISK needs to be done.

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good point

by wancona In reply to Don't forget to FDISK fir ...

Yeah, sorry to have forgotten about that

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Run DBAN on them.

by cmiller5400 In reply to Unable to login donated m ...
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It's easy to get rid of the previous installation if you have the

by ComputerCookie In reply to Run DBAN on them.

right tools. You can use DBAN as suggested the tool I use ClearHDD doesn't seem to be available anymore.

However, there are a lot of other issues to consider.

Ensure that there are not seconary or slave HDD's in them. These may contain sensitive information.

Are you going to use them on a network, you may have a lot of trouble with the network cards. You may need to remove/replace them, as they may hang while trying to locate a server.

Don't use the COA's on the side of the machine with out permission of the previous owner. These COA's may be in use or the owner may have them in reserve for future use!

I've seen an issue where a MS auditor told the volunteers with a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher that instead of getting new licences for 'these' computers, just use the COA's on the side, however they thought that they could do it all the time. A couple of months and 50+ computers later the sh!t hit the fan.

The COA may not work with your OS disk anyway.

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any other software that can help login

by kasb31-tr In reply to Run DBAN on them.

Is there any software (shareware?) that I can run that will allow me to bypass this screen so that I can disable the domain settings and logon as admin?

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No, that is not a good idea, it might

by ComputerCookie In reply to any other software that c ...

ok to do if it was your computer and I was repairing it for you, but not when it contains someone elses data. The best way is to format the the drive, you can't use a boot disk such a DOS or WIN 98 unless you have a tool on it to access a non FAT HDD, that is why I use ClearHDD it's only 34KB and will fit onto a boot floppy.

Use the Dban or Wipedrive, I have used this before, pinched a copy (every rack had one) from a server I helped decommissioned from Westpac Bank.

If you really need to access the drive, ask the donor?

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