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Unattended Installation

By avyakta ·
I was doing an unattended installation. i created an answer file. I know that the unattend.bat file needs to be edited before running on the client machine.. what i didn't know is what modifications to be done in the .bat file. I tried to modify the path of answer file and setup file... but the installation did not start..
also the whistlerdist folder should have been shared but it did not get shared automatically.

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I am assumeing you

by Dumphrey In reply to Unattended Installation

are wondering about the unattended install process. There are several utilities to make the process simpler. I use Nlite. It will automate to a small or full degree, and then put the answer file ON the cd iso it creates. Simple process.

Here is a quick and dirty on the unattended process, probalby to basic for what you need.

The changes you need to make are machine name etc I think. From looking at the article on unattended, it looks like you can enter multiple names etc, and will end up with a .udb instead of a .bat file.
I am assumeinf you are trying to install onto multiple machines instead of one?

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