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Uniform employee performance appraisal

By bawd ·
Where I work, engineers report to one or more project managers in a year, depending upon the number of projects they have worked on in that year. It has been observed that different project managers rate the person differently for a particular skill or attribute.

For example, if an engineer worked with two project managers in a year, he is assessed at 3.5 on a scale of 5 for communication by one PM and at 4.2 by the second PM. The same goes for other factors on which he is assessed.

What we essentially want is a uniform grading system for all employees that is relatively independent of the person who is grading.

Your thoughts on how we can achieve this and any pointers to performance appraisal templates would be a great help.

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by Choppit In reply to Uniform employee performa ...

It's not easy to implement a grading system which is acceptable to both management and employees. Things become even more complicated when job roles/managers change and particularly if gradings are used to influence pay. The key is to ensure that the gradings reflect an objective opinion. Limit the scoring for each competency to a (whole) number between 1 and 5 and assign a statement to each e.g.

1=Does not meet the required standard
2=Requires training to meet the required standard
3=Meets the required standard
4=Exceeds the required standard
5=Exceeds the required standard and can train others

Expect that an employee may ask you to justify your assessment with factual information, examples etc.

It may also help you to always have the assessment performed by the employees current manager, provided that they have been managing the employee for a prest amount of time (perhaps 3 months)

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by bawd In reply to


Thanks for your input. We are thinking along similar lines to create an appraisal form similar to the psychometric test with standard rating for each option. Is there any template you know of that we can use as a starting point to create such an appraisal form?

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The problem with performance appraisals

by jdclyde In reply to Uniform employee performa ...

For the most part they look to see where the employee is lacking, and how can you improve that.

The best use of that employee is to find out where his STRENGTHS are, and how can you put those best to work.

If you do things you do well or are interested in, you will often to a better job.

Appraisals for the most part are counter productive to a work envoronment.

Do they have a good attendance record?
Are their projects done in a timely manner?
Do people have to go back and re-do what that person has done.

Use this time to build up your team, not tear down an employee.

Just my humble oppinion, and yes I have read into this quite a bit.

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by Choppit In reply to The problem with performa ...

I have to disagree. A bad Manager will use an appraisal as an opportunity to bash his staff. Appraisal is aimed at praising strengths and identifying opportunities for development. To get meaximum benefit, the employee should also be given the opportunity to review the performance of the manager in relation to their own performance.

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We do have that...

by bawd In reply to

You are right choppit. We do have a procedure where the employees rate the manager. And performance appraisal is a part of the process we follow here, so it is not optional. The main concern here is how best we can minimize the impace of "individual perception" and make the appraisal "uniform" as in almost independant of the appraiser.

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Wanted a list of skills for rating in 360 degree employee appraisal....

by sumukhrb In reply to Uniform employee performa ...

I am doing a project on 360 degree employee appraisal. Hence needed a list of skills for the following modules..
1) Self-appraisal.
2) HR to the employee.
3) Supervisor to employee.
4) Employee extra-skills.

Desperately need them within a day.
Please post them as early as possible.

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