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Uninstalling Scansoft PDF Converter 3 Professional

By grenj ·
We purchased Scansof PDF Converter 4 but to install it we need to uninstall Converter 3. The trouble is Converter 3 hangs as it "Gathers relevant information". The 3 PDF program still works ok but won't uninstall. HELP!!!!

Big Jimmy

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I too cannot uninstall PDF converter 2

by bartstar1071 In reply to Uninstalling Scansoft PDF ...

I also purchased PDF converter 4 but cannot uninstall converter 2. Tech support wants $$ to help?

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Install/Uninstall Problems & Registry Cleaners

by uvbogden In reply to Uninstalling Scansoft PDF ...

When I was responding to another post I ran across your post and thought I'd respond even though it's been more than a year since you posted. First, what do you think of PDF Converter 3 & 4 (now owned by Nuance)?

The average user these days is almost constantly installing/uninstalling/updating third-party games/applications. Windows Installer/Uninstaller (including installer/uninstaller programs that come with the applications and proprietary program removal tools) frequently leave broken install and incomplete uninstall debris in the OS, much of which can be found in the registry. The main reason this is a problem is that these program remnants block the proper installation and functioning of new version updates, similar program types, and sometimes of unrelated programs.

Because of install/uninstall debris many users are unable to download and install new versions of commonly used programs such as iTunes/QuickTime, Roxio/Sonic, and Adobe products (including Reader and Flash); when this is attempted, the original program they?re trying to update often stops functioning as well. Antiviral programs such as Norton and McAfee are notorious for leaving uninstall debris which blocks the proper install and functioning of other antiviral programs. Eventually, this install/uninstall debris buildup can block the proper installation and functioning of unrelated programs, including the normal operation of your computer generating any number of error messages which may not indicate the source of the real problem. These error messages may send tech personnel in all kinds of directions while the real problem goes undetected.

Regular maintenance with native programs like Disk Cleanup and other third-party file cleaners/shredders is essential for normal computer functioning, but most of these programs will not remove the remnants of failed installs/uninstalls. There is no question that registry cleaners can help remove this debris buildup from the registry and allow ailing computers to function properly. However, preventing this buildup in the first place is a better solution. When you want to uninstall a program permanently and before installing a new version, you should completely remove the old program from your computer. The usual uninstall measures will frequently not be able to achieve this by themselves.

You can achieve this manually with the help of Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, although this can involve time consuming and tedious work (with potentially serious consequences) identifying program remnants and deleting files, folders, and registry entries. Alternatively, regular use of programs like Smarty Uninstaller will prevent the buildup of install/uninstall debris in your OS and in your registry. Running a scan, Smarty Uninstaller identifies and lists all programs on your computer and any broken programs as well. Select the program you wish to uninstall, click on ?Uninstall? to use the associated uninstall program, and allow that program to complete its actions. Then Smarty Uninstaller will rescan your computer and identify any remnants of the program scattered over your system. Clicking on ?Cleanup?, Smarty Uninstaller will then remove these identified program remnants from files and folders and from your registry.

Whether you use a program like Smarty Uninstaller to prevent buildup of install/uninstall debris, or use a registry cleaner to remove this debris after it has accumulated for some time, these tools are necessary to help maintain your system and keep it functioning properly. The following links are to a tutorial that discusses the details of install/uninstall problems in Vista, and to the download for Smarty Uninstaller.

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