Unrar a File

By borisp ·
Have a file that someone downloaded, its broken down into 50 small RAR FILES.

In order to make it work, do i just use unrar and unrar all the little files?

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by brianwatson81 In reply to Unrar a File
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I use IZarc

by jimmy-jam In reply to Unrar a File

There are a whole host of freely available applications at you can choose the "flavor" that is right for you.

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by david.wallis In reply to I use IZarc

i use winrar too :) its ace..

oh speaking of ace think u can use winace too :)

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Dont waste time 'unrarring' them individually . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unrar a File

Open the file manager of your choice (or Windows Explorer), switch view to 'details', left-click on the 1st .rar file, hold down the shift key, left-click on the last .rar file, all .rar files will now be highlighted.

Right-click the highlighted block of files, choose 'Unrar' from the dialogue menu.

RAR will uncompress all 50 files in sequence and reassemble them into one single file.

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by david.wallis In reply to Dont waste time 'unrarrin ...

winrar does that for you too :)

if you open one of the parts.. it will show you all the things contained in the rar files, all you have to do is click extract and it unrars every rar file associated with the one you clicked on :)

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