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Unread email keeps appearing in outlook

By mr180sx ·
Hey guys,

I have just received this problem via our logging system:

She receives some emails and she views them but after about a week they come up as being unread again. This is happening intermitantly some weeks she will have 10 emails that do that, and other weeks she will have one email that does that. This has been happening for about 8 weeks.

Would you have any suggestions on how to fix this?
we are running exchange server 2000 and outlook2002 on the clients side.


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by gary.cole In reply to Unread email keeps appear ...

Hi Matt

Just a thought...could she be somehow "accidentally" right clicking on the emails and then choosing the option "Mark as unread"? I know it may be far-fetched, but I have seen users do stranger things!!! stated, just a thought.

Good luck

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by j.lupo In reply to Unread email keeps appear ...

Here is a strange one for a suggestion. What are her settings? Does her client download and remove the messages from the server? If not, they are probably being downloaded again unless she deletes them herself. You may want to check the settings to see if the messages are downloaded and removed from server after download.

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I have the same ussue with one of my users. Has anyone found the cause?

by varsenov In reply to Unread email keeps appear ...

I have the same issue: a user of mine states around May 10, 2007 he read about 18 e-mails and move them to diferent subfolders of the inbox. 4 weeks later all of these e-mails appeared back in his Inbox as unread.
We use Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003.

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Maybe a suggestion.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I have the same ussue wit ...

Just a silly question, but does this user have another PC, perhaps a laptop, that they also connect to the Exchange Server on occation. Maybe they travel? When the 2nd computer synchronizes with the server, it may be placing the "unread" emails back into the que where they used to be.

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Thanks ThumbsUp2

by varsenov In reply to Maybe a suggestion.

The user has only one PC which is a laptop.
What I found is that he uses Exchange in a cache mode. This could be a explanation...the only one thing that I don't understand is why e-mails will reappear as unread back in the Inbox almost 4 weeks later. I've asked the user to turn off cache mode while he is in the office and to monitor Outlook for similar issues. I will post update if I find something new.

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Anyone found a root-cause for this one?

by ianRhardie In reply to Thanks ThumbsUp2

I have a user experiencing the same problems - read emails appearing as unread, with no regularity, rhyme nor reason! Any advice greatly received.
Exchange Server 2003 / Outlook 2002 client.

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I have the same Issue

by brownmattc In reply to Anyone found a root-cause ...

Did anyone find a cause?

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by rriker In reply to Unread email keeps appear ...

Any luck with this? I've also got a user that has the same thing
happening. Exchange 2000 server, Outlook 2003 client.

Just wondering.

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