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    Unresponsive PC-DVD drive


    by thmiuatga ·

    I have a Creative labs PC-DVD that stopped responding about a month ago.
    At system bootup and at insertion of a disc the drive working light illuminates briefly and goes out. No response. Windows prompts that the drive is not ready but says it’s working fine in the performance tab/hardware configuration.
    No matter what position I insert the disk (clock face, 6,3,12oclock) using the label as a guide the label is in the exact same position as I inserted it when the disc is ejected. No noise from the drive motor at any case and that tells me the drive motor is not working. It’s a year old and I’ve thought about cracking the case open and doing a continuity test on the motor itself.
    Creative Labs is more concerned with profit and sent me a sales pitch for more hardware instead of answering my reply for technical advice.

    I am open to any ideas and suggestions.

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      for your dvd

      by ccnaguy ·

      In reply to Unresponsive PC-DVD drive

      Hi… here’s a couple of ideas I’m sure you’ve already tried but…. 1) is it just that one disc, or does the drive not work at all, and 2) you may need to reinstall/update your drivers.. good luck

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      by tupaq7 ·

      In reply to Unresponsive PC-DVD drive

      I’am in the process of upgrading my HPn3390 integraded DVD player.(MediaMatics). Make sure your system is internet connected and use catchup via ( to scan for upgrades. Installing the driver is easiest with ( If the headache persists contact the manufactures website for downloads/drivers

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