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    by oz_media ·

    Knowing me, I have simply missed it in my haste; I don’t see a way to UNsubscribe from a discussion.

    There is a notify link that is CHECKED BY DEFAULT when you post!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But in order to rectify NOT UNCHECKING THE DEFAULT “EMAIL ME A BUNCH OF LINKS” checkbox, you need to repost and uncheck the box to get it to disappear from the subscribed list?

    If this is so, then MAN you guys have a lot of nerve! What’s with a default check ?
    It’s almost as underhanded as those ’email me spam’ checkboxes that you get when downloading software that inadvertently installs Google search bars and stuff.

    oooops, better not get sidetracked, I’ll be getting emails for this thread if I forget to uncheck that darn box ! ARRRRGH! 😉

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      question for TR about this….

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Unsubscribing

      since the workspace model will be coming up in a while, which adds then another means to subscribe, totalling 3 ways to subscribe to a discussion, why go with the replication of features?
      that’s just wasting server load.
      ( presenting 3 options to do one thing, checking for that one option 3 times when a page is loaded… )

      I personally don’t use the subscribe feature on any community site, I have to problem tracking the discussions I’m interested in..until I lose interest, so it’s an irritant to have to un select a subscribe box on every post. the default to subscribe is what caused me to blacklist one community site’s email address…let them get the extra server load of the bounced emails.
      ( must be up to a few thousand a day bounced ebots from them now. )

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      Didn’t you USE to be able to?

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Unsubscribing

      Wasn’t there a time when the subscribe was a toggle? Click it to subscribe. If your subscribed, it would change to un-subcribe?

      Or is that just to obvious of a way to handle this?

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