Unusual external monitor problem

By qal3xq ·
Alright I've been looking all over the internet the past two hours and haven't found any solution for my problem yet so maybe asking somewhere will help. First of all I'm running a HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop with an acer p224w 24" monitor attached with a vga cable. Graphics card is updated (just checked) and is Nvidia GeForce Go 6150.

Here's the situation. Everything is well when I run just my laptop. Nothing out of the ordinary with it other than occasionally getting to hot which is understandable. When I connect my monitor though, theres a few weird things that happen. For some reason when attached, neither screen likes to go into the screensaver. It just goes black and will not come out of it. I know a few times it has gone to screensaver and has responded afterward but more times than not, it doesn't and intern the only way to get my computer to work again is to hold the power button and turn it off and back on.

Another thing that happens is I cannot just close my laptop lid to put the computer to sleep and actually sleep doesn't work with the external monitor connected. It just stays black. I can put it into hibernate and it will boot up from there but sometimes my mouse disappears. Sometimes from one screen, sometimes from both. I've played with the mouse setting because I thought that my have been it but it wasn't. I'm really confused though and it's bugging me. I really want to use my monitor but when it doesn't come back after being black for all of 30 seconds, it gets annoying.

I've read though all kinds of forums and most of the time its graphics card. Mine is updated, can't be that. And I've never heard anything about the mouse disappearing either. Also, ALL of this ONLY happens when my external is connected. Otherwise my laptop runs fine by itself. Any help would be great. Thanks a lot.

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What are you doing here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unusual external monitor ...

Switching the Screen from the NB to the External Screen, Cloning the screen so that both display the same thing or Extending the screen so that both have the desktop but only one has the Task Bar and you can move apps between displays?

Also as there is a problem with not coming out of Hibernation what OS is in use here?

As for the getting hot issue you should be using a Cool Pad like this one under the NB to prevent this from happening. It allows the NB to last a lot longer and stops it sucking up dust and other junk in the air to block the Cooling bits inside the NB.


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Still unsure

by qal3xq In reply to What are you doing here

I have it so my monitor is extended to my left and yes I can move apps between both screens with no problem. Like I said, it runs normal but for some reason if it doesn't go to the screen saver and goes straight to black screen, it won't come out of it. Also sometimes I'll go to put it to sleep or into hibernation and it'll act as if its going into the mode but all that will happen is the screen goes black but all the lights stay on and the fan is still on high.

I thought heat was the problem but I bought a cooling pad a few months ago and it still does it. One time I could of been running it no more than 20 minutes, laptop was cool as it gets really and it did it when I went downstairs for 10 minutes. Its not like I'm running video on it or anything when this happens either, its usually internet open on one screen and like microsoft word in the other. Nothing extreme by any means.

I am using Vista home premuim, 32 bit.

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It doesn't seem unusual to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unusual external monitor ...

Your application of the second monitor may be unusual in what you are displaying on it but that's about all.

Also, since you've got a laptop and you're driving 2 monitors, it's not really surprising that it'll get a bit hotter. You don't have a Graphics CARD as such - the GeForce Go 6150 is a chip on the laptop motherboard, it's not a separate card.

Better ventilation as OH Smeg has suggested, would be the most likely solution.

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