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Unwanted cookies or spams

By cbrown ·
When I connect to the web I get windows messages
that offer me backgrounds and screen savers.
I select the "CANCEL" OR the "NO" it sends me to
It it very annoying since the unwanted windows
pop up all the time.
How can I remove these unwanted messages/windows?


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by joematus In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

If you're using IE, try turning off Javascript and ActiveX. This is how they're doing it to you. You can also switch to Mozilla, which is pretty good at blocking pop-ups.

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by jschein In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

There are many reasons for this, here is your fix:

Goto and download Adaware. Install it, update it, and run it... Clean malicious files out. Something has been installed on your computer with or without your knowledge, this program will fix it.

Lastly, goto, services and tools link. Download Googles toolbar - 1. It's free 2. It stops pop-ups.

This should get your system on the up and up.

Also, go into internet explorer, goto the tools button up top, change your homepage to or whatever you want it to be.

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

I agree with JSchein - you probably have either an infection GATOR spyware or a home page hijacker, or both. I HIGHLY recommend you try Ad-Aware to get rid of these unwanted programs.

I don't fully agree with using the Google Toolbar though, because this monitors your surfing habits, and reports it to Google to help them rate the web pages you visit. If you don't mind Google using your info in this way, then use it. Otherwise, use another popup stopper like FreeSurfer or switch to another browser like Mozilla which has a popup stppoer built in.
Hope this helpd,


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by Boricua65 In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

One last thing to get is Spybot Search & Destroy. I use both Ad-aware and Spybot at home and on the workstations at work.

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by RCOM In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

You can close popups or others by using ALT-F4 that way you don't click on the buttons. These jerks are starting to use the cancel or no buttons to redirect you to other sites.

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by joortman In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

I agree w/ above answers. EMS Freesurfer MKll is a great, free, popup blocker. Instead of Lavasoft Adaware, I recommend using Spybot-S&amp 1.2. It's free and does a much more thorough job of removing spyware and it has an immunize feature that will prevent future problems. Also fixes common exploits and will block Trojans from executing.

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by husp1 In reply to Unwanted cookies or spams

well all are correct but try this install adaware, spybot,spyware blaster,and winpatrol, and to stop popups either the goggle toolbar or smartfix from einfodaily. smartfix isnot only a popup blocker but a pleathera of other handy tools, (pleathera being my one big word of the day) this also works on a laptop.

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