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Upgrade path

By GuruOfDos ·
In the mid 1990's I had a package (let's refer to it as Version 1) that I had to support for about four or five years. Pretty good manufacturers support but with the kind of package we are talking about, towards the end of the life-cycle, support couldn't help with the problems I was having.

I managed to unload the package and replaced it with a newer version (Version 2) which was idiosyncratic and had a tendency to crash frequently. About a year ago a bolt on became available which was supposed to enhance the performance of Version 2. I duly licenced the bolt-on and paid my subscriptions, but after a year the whole package went haywire, and the only way to deal with it was to uninstall the entire kit and caboodle....Version 2 plus bolt on. The original manufacturer now has both the package and the bolt on. Now I am hearing that I am not the legitimate licence holder for the bolt on, yet I have to continue paying my support subscription.

Where do I go from here. Do I forget the whole thing and go out and find an alternative product which has none of the problems of V1 or V2 (the bolt-ons for V1 are stand-alone, fully licenced and I still have access to them, so no issues there) or what do I do? Do I just give up on the whole idea and just try to live life without a replacement package, or is open source a better idea? I don't want to go down the shareware route.

Those who know between the lines!

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There is hope

by TheChas In reply to Upgrade path

Sorry to hear about your technical problems.

Was part of the problem a foreign voltage?

Anyhow, their is hope. I have had version 1.0 for over 28 years now with only minor problems.
We have 2 bolt on upgrades that are starting to function independently.

All in all, I believe there is a good version out there that will function correctly for each of us.

I have an aunt who believes that version 4.0 is the correct one for her.

My best friend from grade school is on version 2B after undisclosed problems with version 3.

A friend from work who recently retired had to replace version 1.0 after a serious system failure.
Version 2.0 crashed. But, came back stronger.

From my point of view, the key to success is to take a long look under the hood before connecting the peripherals.

Once the unit interface is complete, continuously monitor ALL connections. Effect repairs at the first sign of any poor data exchange.

Continuous minor upgrades are heartily recommended.

Bolt-on units can be invaluable.
BUT, should never be installed when any other repairs are needed!

I trust that you will make it through this service disruption.

Feel free to email me at ANY time.


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What I need is....decent hardware

by GuruOfDos In reply to There is hope

To forget the whole thing and start over again. But I need to take a break for a while and get away from system problems for a bit.

Not with a factory fresh model....this dog is too old to start learning new tricks, but one that has been sitting around for a while, perhaps gathering dust. Maybe one that has been used before, or with minor cosmetic or internal damage, but inside the lid the innards are solid and with a little attention can be made to run like a dream again.

I'm not going to hire one...I don't need to bring any viruses in from any external source, and I don't want to 'buy now, pay later' like I did with the last system. Perhaps I just need to save up some cash, then find a nice solid second-hand number that no-one needs anymore but still has plenty of life left in it, or maybe someone has a system tucked away somewhere that has never been out of the box which may fit my needs.

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Sounds like the right path

by TheChas In reply to What I need is....decent ...

Like they say over here for real estate, location, location, location.

When looking for older hardware, you need to look in the right place for the general class of hardware desired.
Then, take your time and make an educated selection.

Older hardware usually has lower up front cost and at least short term, lower maintenance costs.

Don't know for sure where I would go if I were to need replacement hardware.

Best wishes for finding that hidden treasure.


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HI Guru

by Oz_Media In reply to Upgrade path

I know the software you are referring to and the manufacturer can be a real ***** sometimes.

When I ported my personal software to a new manufacturers site I ended up keeping both maufacturers on call in order to make it easier.

I really don't know what to say, sometimes new hardware or white boxes have good aftermarket parts that are fun to twiddle with but as a whole they usually don't replace the old box that you become so accustomed to tweaking with ease.

I don't know what to say, I left my power adapter at home and I'm in Cloverdae for the weekend, so I may have to run out and pick up a spare tomorrow or something, but time is short (18 minutes and counting, with streams in the background).

I will send you an email next week and offer further details on my cutover and see if it helps.

I'm sure you'll figure it out, I am just about to crack a cold Guinness (1,2,3)and this one's for The GURU!, CHEERS!!!!!

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Well GOD it could be far worse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Upgrade path

I have a friend who is currently going through the same thing as you but is on Version 6 with the additional supplied and unwanted 3 bolt ons. Now version 6 has left and insisted he keep the bolt ons even though they no longer work with out the Ver 6 part of the program.

Currently the support agent is chasing him because he has the bolt ons without owning the proper licenses and are accusing him of stealing the bolt ons not to mention using them improperly and abusing them as well. Currently things have got so bad that the agent has removed the bolt ons attempted to reunite them with version 6 but version 6 is currently indisposed after crashing and being caught caring illegal substances while operating while under the influence of alcohol.

I'll give you a run down of his experiences so far.

Ver 1 lasted fairly well for about 3 years but then became high maintenance and insisted on being replaced. But only after an expensive full hardware upgrade.

Ver 2 was a complete disaster and only worked for 3 weeks and required new hardware and a home to live in as the current place where he lived proved to be unsatisfactory as recommended by the manufacturer.

Ver 3 only lasted about 30 minutes before crashing beyond repair. Destroying all of his hardware as well. Everything was beyond repair.

Version 4 Was quite a lot better but broke completely after insisting that some add ons would be useful. That copy of the program lasted 10 months and then just left the building never to be seen again.

Ver 5 failed to work at all because of his pets and the manufacture insisted that they where dangerous dogs and had an interim Care and Protection order on the dogs to be kept away for the smooth running of Ver 5. The dogs in question are little bigger then rats and are old and sick so any disease that they got tended to adversely affect Ver 5. Eventually he discarded Ver 5 as it was causing far too many problems with his dogs and smooth running of his house.

Finally Ver 6 came along and caused all soughs of problems. The first was he had to move to be near support as the phone bills for support where far too great. After he moved closer to the support he then set about recovering the previously left behind bolt ons and support was very good and Ver 6 worked well for a short time until it was necessary to return it to the maker for a complete code check. When Ver 6 was returned to him it required a complete rebuild of all of version 6's assets as well as many upgrades. Ver 6 then was recalled again and this time the maker insisted that he remove one of the dogs as it was considered as adversely affecting Ver 6 with the dog removed the bolt ons stooped working and demanded that the dog be returned and eventually the manufacturer agreeded but only after trying to rewrite the code. Finally they insisting that the dog never came near Ver 6 again. This required a major rebuild of the house to prevent Ver 6 coming into contact with the dog but the bolt ons worked quite well and he was almost happy with the way Ver 6 was working even though it was recommended that he officially license the bolt ons which had been provided originally as free.

With the demise of Ver 6 he has had to move again and is currently attempting to avoid the maker who is insisting that he pay for the freely supplied bolt ons even though they have been seized and he was locked up for a week until the case came before the courts.

Eventually the maker was found to be in breach of the contract but by then the damage had been done and even though he was cleared of any impropriety he had by then lost his job and was prevented from coming within 5 KMS of Ver 6. Now as he lived in a small town this required another move and currently he is living on the beach driving a truck and wondering if he should try any other software or just leave computers and their sub programs all alone.

He has found the currently available Operating Systems do not meet his needs or fail after a short time but in every case have required expensive add ons to keep running for as long as they have. As well as requiring changes in his house or moving house to work at all. He is finally sick and tired of changing his life style and houses just to make the programs run happily.

Right at the moment he is outsourcing all of his required computer work and leaving the problems to others while he gets on with his life, but when things begin to settle down he may start looking at Version 7 to see if the insisted improvements actually work and that it will meet his needs.

In every case he has used third party programs in an attempt to keep his current version working properly but on every occasion where the third party program has suggested a change to keep the program running smoothly this change has been rejected by the program or the maker unless it has required a massive injection of cash for upgrades in which case it is then an acceptable fix.

I should have added that he has also had several "Trial Versions" of the program which have supposedly had improvements added but in every case they have all ended up costing him so much money in an attempt to keep them working that he has never gone ahead with the purchase of the sub versions of the program.

Currently is is rueing the day that he upgraded the original Girlfriend 1 program to Wife 1 and is under the opinion that if he could obtain a copy of the original Girlfriend 1 that was loadable he would revert to that and never consider any upgrades or other supposed improvements ever again but as that program is no longer available and his old copy will not load now he is considering the total removal of everything connected with these programs from that manufacturer. The Maker in an attempt to keep him happy has offered him a "Beta" copy of the new Wife Version 7 but owing the the way that this software provider has treated him in the past he is dubious in accepting the offer particularly as the manufacturer is still attempting to get him to pay for the freely supplied bolt ons from the previous Version that they supplied.

He has also tried a cheap knock off from the Philippines from a different maker but found this program to be useless as anything that he instructed the program to do was never done as the program was constantly asking him how to do this and that and he had to do everything him self as the program appears to have no independent processing ability. While at first the program did look good as it appeared to do everything that he required when it came to the full install stage that was where things fell to bits. While it continued to do everything he asked of it in the house anything outside was too much for the program to handle. Currently he believes that that program is modeled on a teenage child and needs several years more development if it ever works at all. But he doesn't want to be the testing person for the maker as he is already out too much money and the maker of the new program wants him to help fund development instead of paying him to help find the bugs.

Feel free to e-mail me if you need any help in your current predicament as I have had some experience with this software and while no expert I can sympathize with your plight.


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