Upgrading Motherboard

By wyldryd13 ·
Hello all,

I have a Compaq/Evo pPC I am interested in swapping out the motherboard. My question is that the PC has a OEM copy of XP Home with all current updates. I only have a set up disk for xp pro. Is there a way that I can use my XP pro disk to install the necessary drivers for the new motherboard or do I have to get a copy of a startup **** for XP home?

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well couple of things

by JamesRL In reply to Upgrading Motherboard

First make sure you case takes a standard MB. I have tried to put a standard MB in a Compaq case to find it wouldn't fit.

Secondly, your product key for your oem copy of XP home won't work with XP Pro disks. By buying a new MB you can't reuse a Compaq key anyway, unless you buy a Compaq replacement MB.(don't not worth it).


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by wyldryd13 In reply to well couple of things

Hmm, i thought that might be the case. Its just that the motherboard is such a bottleneck for my video card. I wish there was a way I could make that 4x motherboard operate as a 8x motherboard.

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Not so sure its the MB....

by JamesRL In reply to Darn...

The PCIexpress video slot has twice the bandwidth of an AGP 8x video slot, but some AGP cards have been as fast as their PCIexpress equivalents in benchmarks.

What kind of video card?

You might want to get a whole number computer, you won't find too many fast agp 4x cards....


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Video Card

by wyldryd13 In reply to Not so sure its the MB... ...

I have a BFG Nvdia 7600 gs oc in the pc now. I know it's full potential of running in 8x agp mode but the motherboard max is 4x agp. That is why I was interested in purchasing a mother board that supports 8x agp so I can transfer all the other hardware to it. But if I can't get my windows xp transfered over, then i dont think its worth it.

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If you buy a motherboard

by JamesRL In reply to Video Card

You can get an OEM copy of XP home for about $100.


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by wyldryd13 In reply to If you buy a motherboard

So I guess that would be the only alternative. Thanks for your help.

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