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Upgrading with more memory

By techless ·
How to you know what type / amounts of memory you can add to an existing PC?
I have a P2-266 with 64 mb of ram that was new in 9/98 ... I know I can look how many slots are open, but how do I know what type I can add?

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Upgrading with more memory

by Nap Jones In reply to Upgrading with more memor ...

There are two ways to find the proper memory.
1. If you have the motherboard book that came with the machine it will tell you.
2. Take out one of the memory chips and determine if it is Simms or Dimms, then go to a site like crucial or Kingston to see diagrams of various memory sticks.

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Memory upgrade

by Thmiuatga In reply to Upgrading with more memor ...

The first reply is correct but there is another thing to look at. You have to know what type of memory it is too. EDO (extended data out) ECC (error correction). mixing ECC and non ECC types will result in non ECC operation. Also you must make sure that the memory is either EDO or SDRAM. you cannot mix the two togeather! check to see if your motherboard chipset is the 440Bx or 440Lx. my guess is you have the 440Bx chipset so shoot for the pc100 SDRAM.

Remember: EDO and SDRAM cannot be mixedregistered SDRAM and unbuffered SDRAM cannot be mixed.
Mixing PC/100 DIMM and PC/66 DIMM will result in system errors and unexpected memory count.
Check to see what type you have and make sure
the module you get matches it.

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