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US Based Terrorist Pat Robertson asks God to Kill PA Town

By Dr Dij ·
In this article on Yahoo, Pat Robertsin asked god to strike down a Pennsylvania town, as they had removed a school board that supported intelligent design (bwaahh, I'm going to go get my big brother, God!).

This is really fascinating to me. Will his minions plant bombs in the town if God does not wipe them out, kind of like Jordan?

Does this raving lunatic even have any minions? What does it take to have Pat call a 'godstrike' called in on your location? If I just go 'nya-nya Pat Robertsin' ?

Should we even be worried about the 'Al-Robertsin' terror network? After all, God seemed to listen to him twice in one week, with the Supreme Court justice's death and the flattening of sin city New Orleans.. [Thanks for that one, Daily Show]

I'm thinking God should strike Him, Pat Robertson dead for inciting others to violate his 'thou shalt not kill' commandment. Tho I'd settle for someone to charge him with inciting murder or riots (or inciting hurricanes? or natural death of someone close to death?)

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The irony is....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to US Based Terrorist Pat Ro ...

That this self-proclaimed 'Christian' is probably doing more to hurt the faith than any car bomber could. If you were someone in search for a spiritual answer, and heard this 'Christian' spew such hate-mongering, would you be attracted to that....I think not.

Jesus had two commandments to be put before all else:

Love God above all things
Love others as you love yourself

I would say that PRob would get a grade of F for that last one!

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I don't hold it against the others

by Dr Dij In reply to The irony is....

I'm just fascinated by the parallels with other terrorists..

His 'Fatwa' against Hugo Chavez of Venezuala, among others..

I like (or at least don't hate) everyone who doesn't spew out horrible vitriolic hate mongering verbal diarrhea :)

Mocking people like this can be an effective way to get people to ignore them. In the late 1800's, a high ranking NY government official was involved in rampant graft, building a new courthouse and giving to his buddies at 3x the cost.

Some NJ newspapers made fun of this in cartoons, showing him as a greedy glutton and it spread his infamy enuf to get him canned.

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Christian Examples

by BFilmFan In reply to The irony is....

I've never thought any of the "TV Ministers" were a good example of Christian beliefs.

It's rather like watching The Beverly Hillbillies and believing that everyone from the South is a redneck.

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Add horns

by Dr Dij In reply to Christian Examples

and that Gene Scott fellow would look like the devil

Pat Robertson may be the devil, fallen angel, 666 from his rantings.

If his suggestion to kill Hugo Chavez was taken seriously, it might start WWIII (wwI was started by an assasination)

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My Thoughts

by BFilmFan In reply to US Based Terrorist Pat Ro ...

Pat Robertson has spent many years saying all manner of foolish things.

This is just the latest example of his ability to place most of his lower anatomy into his mouth.

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Oh for Pete's sake - Give me a break

by maxwell edison In reply to US Based Terrorist Pat Ro ...

To call Pat Robertson a terrorist is to water-down what a terrorist really is. And neither your "headline" or your account is indicative of what Robertson really said or what was in the article. Do you work for the New York Times? They do the same kinds of things, you know. I wish people would be accurate instead of letting their emotions rule over their judgement. Spewing nonsense -- whether it comes from Robertson, himself, or people "reporting" on what Robertson said, it's still all nonsense

Your falsehoods:

No, Robertson is not a "terrorist".

No, Robertson did not "ask God to strike down a Pennsylvania town".

"Will his minions plant bombs?" What a stupid thing to ask.

Robertson incited nothing. (What are YOU trying to incite, by the way?)

What a foolish message you posted. I'd be embarrassed to sign such a thing as my own, it's so full of silly assertions and falsehoods. That's a great way to be seen in the exact same light as people see Robertson -- a great way to tell everyone you can't be taken seriously.

And in case you're wondering. No, I don't like Pat Robertson. No, I don't follow Robertson. No, I've never watched the 700 Club. In my opinion, he's an idiot and an embarrassment to our nation. And I don't take him seriously -- just like I don't take anyone seriously who spews silly nonsense.

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Beat me to it

by jdclyde In reply to Oh for Pete's sake - Give ...

It is pathetic to call Roberson a Terrorist.

Is this meant to show how bad he is, or to downplay the severity of what a terrorist really is?

If you have a beef with this "man" that is fine.

Don't diminish the horror caused by REAL terrorists.

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Don't diminish the horror

by Absolutely In reply to Beat me to it

First, I agree that Pat Robertson has no known affiliation with any terrorist organization, and calling him a terrorist is beyond exaggeration.

But even if thoughtful people like Max don't take him seriously, he must have an audience who have some reason for watching him. Some of them must believe his horrible, terrifying, apocalyptic jabber.

I think it's more than probable that the United States' intrusion into other countries and into the finances and personal rights of our own citizens has a lot to do with a certain voting bloc that sees the anti-Christ all around, with the help of the less responsible evangelists.

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This from the guy

by Dr Dij In reply to Oh for Pete's sake - Give ...

who started a discussion 'Newsweek kills 16'.
claiming the 'liberal media' was responsible for the riots in another country, and resulting deaths of rioters, based on an 'inaccurate report' of torture and abuse in Gitmo.

So besides the fact that ANY news group is NOT responsible for the effects of telling a story they think is true, it TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE!

We were torturing those people.
So by your same logic the US Govt that did the torture is responsible directly for the deaths in Pakistan riots.

So I suppose I don't have a problem calling him a terrorist. He's out to terrorize a town in PA. (and many others as mentioned) What a nutter! If you're a religous freak you might believe him and be scared. Eat hypocrisy, idiot!

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not torture

by jdclyde In reply to This from the guy

to humiliate people or to make them uncomfortable or to deprive them of sleep to get information from them.

We did not beat them.
We did not kill them.
We did not rip their nails off.
We did not cut their heads off.

They are treated better thay we would have been, had the rolls been reversed.

They are treated better than if they were in Saddams jails back when he was in charge.

To use words like that, in the manner you do, minimalizes just how truly horiffic they are.

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