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US Border security

By JamesRL ·

So let me get this with weapons, with blood on weapons(inlcuding a chain saw according to news reports I saw), claiming to work for the President of the US, known to be required to appear that day in a Canadian court....and the US border agents not only let him in, but no one calls the local police to follow the guy??? Is that a secure border?

I would have thought that since billions were spent by homeland security, something like this would not happen.


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by jck In reply to US Border security

I heard about that a day or two ago.

Thing does he walk up with a sword past Canadian and US police with blood on it?

Damn...I gotta move to Madagascar or something.

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by Jessie In reply to yeah...scarey...

The border guard may have suspected him of doing something deranged, but without an admission of guilt from him, or a human body part in his back-pack, they'd have no way of knowing that he'd done something horrid. Sure, there was something that looked like blood on his chainsaw, but it could have been chicken blood used in a sacrifice, or prop blood for a LARP for all they knew.

Personally, I wish "strange behavior" were a legal reason to detain someone... but then again... I'm often strange myself... and wouldn't want to be held up at the border for hours or days on end, if I were caught rehearsing my lines from "Taming of the Shrew" in front of the border guards.

"Fie, fie, unknit that threatening unkind brow, and dart not scornful glances from those eyes to wound thy lord, they king, thy gov'nor."

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Detain no, flag yes

by JamesRL In reply to Unfortunately,

He is a natuarlized US citizen, so they could not deny him entry. But surely there would have been grounds to have some police force in Maine follow the guy. He claimed to work for the president - that alone should flag him.

If he had been coming the other way, his brass knuckles would have landed him in jail and they would have tested them to determine if it was human blood.


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Border down south is worse

by jmgarvin In reply to yeah...scarey...

Man, they let just anyone through and the amount of drugs coming in throug California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are insane. 'Course with the "Minute Men" on patrol in AZ, everyone just shifted a little east or a little west and went through CA and NM.

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No Canadian police

by JamesRL In reply to yeah...scarey...

There is no Canadian police presense at these smaller border posts. There would have been a Canadian Border hut but they don't scrutinize people leaving, only people arriving from the US.


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that in itself is a problem with the system then

by jck In reply to No Canadian police

when neither side will tell the other "hey...there's a suspicious guy coming through with a sword and chainsaw that has a blood-looking liquid on it."

Plus, it's bad enough that if it looks like blood and he's claiming to work for the President that they don't think "NUTSO!" and say "Sir, we need to ask you a few questions about your personal effects.", pull him to the side, call a forensics unit out, and test it for human blood components.

Instead, we let the criminals pass back and forth. Great partnership we both uphold there.

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No, thats the way it works

by JamesRL In reply to that in itself is a probl ...

When I go through the US border, no Canadian looks at me. When I return, no American looks at me (unless I am crossing the toll bridge and they want their fare.

This was a rural post, the guy stole a car in the middle of the night, drove to within walking distance and walked to the border post. Likely no one passed him on the road.

I have never seen a border where someone checks you out of a country, only checking you in.


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But...isn't it weird

by jck In reply to No, thats the way it work ...

that they don't call across and go "Hey listen...there's this guy on foot with a sword and a chainsaw that says he's working for your country's leader."?

Personally...I'd raise an eyebrow. ****, I raise an eyebrow when someone says they met someone I know, let alone work for the President.

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Picture this.

by JamesRL In reply to But...isn't it weird

Its in the middle of a rural area with one road.

There is a short section of road. Divided for a short space.

The Canadian hut is located on the side of the road that leads from the US. The American hut is on the side of the road that leads from Canada. The Canadian hut and gate stop people coming from the US. But there is no barrier, or person to scrutinize who is leaving Canada. The only thing between him and the US is the US border guard. Someone sitting in the Canadian hut can't even see much of people going to the other side, because there is a divider.

If a Canadian officer had seen him, he would have been arrested. We don't have a miranda warning, we can detain for questioning someone with bloody weapons, especially illegal ones(brass knuckles).


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Maybe they thought he was just a guy..

by Dr Dij In reply to US Border security

filming one of the those texas chainsaw massacre movies, I think they film those now in vancouver.

And if he had been on his way to visit those people in no. cal who trained in terror camp in pakistan, everything might have been ok.

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