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US government asks Canada to become their Australia.

By Oz_Media ·
In his year to close Guantanamo, President Obama has been looking for places to 'stick' the released detainees. Canada among many other European countries have been asked to accept these released, suspected terrorists.

The Canadian government has, so far,declined the warm hearted offering, however there is the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), whoe are looking to use unique Canadian refugee adoptio laws to sponsor released detainees who have chosen Canada as their desired destination. (and there I have been boasting about Vancouver being the most desired city in the world. )

Refugee release to Canada denied

Canada a desired location for Guantanamo Bay detainees

EDIT: Ironically, I was just watching Chasers The War on Everything, a hilarious Aussie political bashfest (similar to Penn & Teller's Bulls**t) and they were talking aout how Oama has asked Australia to take suspected terrorist prisoners too. They did a funny piece on a secret CIA prison in Poland that the CIA apparently says doesn't exist...(while standing right in front of it)

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Oh, Oz

by santeewelding In reply to US government asks Canada ...

To your bosom take them. Retrain them in Computer Science. Teach them not to gnaw through cables to crash your systems.

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Too busy here already

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh, Oz

Its funny how all the old time British Columbians have all headed out of town and built up tiny towns into small cities now. Everyone's heading for the hills, which is the only way to get away and enjoy what BC is really all about

P.S. I added a YouTube clip from a great Aussie show, just happened to be watching it tonight and they hit on the same subject. Funny enough that clip is already on youtube and it just aired.

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I wondered how long before the people who were pushing

by Deadly Ernest In reply to US government asks Canada ...

to close Guantanamo got asked to take the people they wanted released. If they weren't prepared to take them, they should never have spoken about closing the facility.

Of course, it would be interesting to see how the people feel if told they have to go back to the country they came from or their country of origin.

As to the CIA and a prison in Poland, it's more likely a Polish Intelligence operation than a CIA one.

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Either they are criminals or they aren't

by neilb@uk In reply to I wondered how long befor ...

My message to the US : "Prosecute them or send them back to where you caught them. And if you send them back to where you caught them don't be surprised if next time they really ARE terrorists.

If you invade somewhere, people have every right to be pissed off with you. Why can't you accept that even people who aren't from where you've invaded might be pissed off with you and might join in just so, next time, you might think twice before you invade THEIR country. I'm pissed off because you invaded Iraq - just not to the extent that I'm willing to kill anyone about it."

To answer your question, Ernest: I say that Guantanamo should be closed but, other than that, why should it be my problem? US paranoia crated it and it's a blot on the honour of the US. They have to fix it. ****, the US shouldn't even be there. It's Cuba! Give it back! They are there under a completely weasel treaty.

And, before you ask, I'd give Gibraltar back to the Spanish and make the Spanish give Spanish Morocco back to the Moroccans (just so Spain doesn't occupy both sides of the Straits - not that I don't trust them).


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Hi neilb, I've got no problem with them closing GBP

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Either they are criminals ...

my issue is with the people who pushed to have it closed and the people released aren't interested in having them released in their backyard - I hat hypocrites.

Another issue is the expectation some have that having been in GB they're now entitled to be released in the USA, or Australia or anywhere except their home country or where they were caught. I'd ship them back to the very place they were caught and release them.

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Pushed to have it closed

by Oz_Media In reply to Hi neilb, I've got no pro ...

First of all, when others want the Us to do something it doesn't want to, they are told to F-O. America is just and right and will do as she pleases to whomever she pleases and disguise it as security ad safety for the citizens of America (that always gets the people to back them, scare them and save them from doom).

SO when you make such mistakes, and recognize the errors in your ways, it is the others who opposed it in teh first place that should take up the slack and clean up your mess.

Without them (your so called Allies), you'd be happy to imprison, torture, and wrongly detain many suspects at will and are right in doing so.

What a joke, it doesn't work that way and shouldn't either. Always ready and keen to point the finger at someone else for your own mistakes, it's just too obvious these days for others to buy into the BS. There's no way America could be wrong afterall, it MUST be the other guys.

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exactly right

by blondlot In reply to Hi neilb, I've got no pro ...

It chafes me that no state will take these prisoners. We arrested them; what's the problem with detaining them on native soil? Are we afraid of terrorist attack? And if we are, why would we assume any other country would be stupid enough to take them off our hands? Are we morally outraged that someone who may have done something deliberately aggressive against the American people will be staying in our country? If that's so, why do we pay billions a year to detain mafia bosses, murderers and child molesters in American prisons? I don't get it.

I have an idea. Build an undersea dome. Put them in the undersea dome. Problem solved for at least a few generations, after which the world will be terrorized by technologically advanced mer-terrorists.

But I'll be dead by then, so who cares?

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Great but to add to that

by Oz_Media In reply to exactly right

Nice to see you view reality as reality and not a mistake that is now someone else's problem to sort out for you.

The undersea dome idea, I am thinking expand that to include the White House! Hey I'm not too particular either you can have our politicians too, but we have some pretty nice looking Parliment Buildings that are still nice to have around town.

I know, sorry, BC is a pretty ugly place but we do what we can.

Here you go! The same harbour in the foreground of the pics has a tourist trap called Undersea Gardens. It is an underwater aquarium that looks out into the natural sealife in the harbour.

We could put the oval office in there,and people could look in on the White House. Of course with a sign saying don't feed the animals or "please don't tap on glass, politicians are easily spooked and distracted".

Right next door is the wax museum, ( we could have life sized replicas of our politicians in the stockade (they have chamber of horrors) where passers by could buy stones and whips. Have your picture taken flogging Bush! Have your picture taken stoning Steven Harper, it would draw well, especially as there is a direct ferry to and from Seattle.

With the Olympics coming up, who knows, it may even steal their thunder too.

Oh, the joy!

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From what has been made available, most were arrested

by Deadly Ernest In reply to exactly right

by another state. However, I believe there's an odd thing in the US laws about if they drag you to their shores they can't kick you out again. I do remember reading the biographies of a couple of organised crime leaders who got kicked out trying to organise having the US government drag them back for questioning and charges on other matters which would then fall through but allow them to stay in the US.

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Its a humanitarian act

by Oz_Media In reply to From what has been made a ...

They WOULD release them back to where they came form, however when they face greater prosecution/death when they return, the nation freeing them is responsible to see that they are let go to a safe place.
I don't have an issue really with sharing the burden, in most cases; however when they are incarcerated, some with allied approval and many as a result of the war in Iraq which was not suported to begin with, it's a matter of sleeping in the bed you made for yourself.

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