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US is better than Canada -- This should be a good one.

By Garion11 ·
Sat, February 12, 2005
U.S. is better than Canada
By MICHAEL COREN -- For the Toronto Sun

I love this country. I came here almost 19 years ago and have spent the majority of my adult life here.

It pains me to say it, it really does. But the fact is that in so many areas and walks and ways of life, the United States is now a better country than Canada.

There, I've said it. Because I'm so very tired of the way, particularly in the last two years, that we Canadians have come to define ourselves not by who we are but by who we are not.

At its most innocuous, it is a mere insecurity about our southern neighbours. At its most repugnant, however, it is publicly funded mediocrities screaming abuse at a great and noble nation because their own self-esteem is so fragile. With a malodorous stew of ignorance and malice, they pump Canada at the expense of deflating the United States.

They say that we are about peace and they are about war. Nonsense. We haven't been able to keep the peace for years even if we'd wanted to do so. We haven't the aircraft or the equipment. It's the Americans who send most of the aid and keep most of the peace.

They say we are informed and intelligent, they are insular and foolish. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and a plethora of world-class universities. Nobel Prize winners by the dozen, internationally renowned scientists, scholars and sages. Goodness me, they even produce better anti-Americans than we do.

They say we are sophisticated, they are dumb. Yet they have more symphony orchestras, more theatres, more libraries, more museums per head than we do in Canada.

They say we are free, they are not. Really? Take the example of Fox News. For years this right-of-centre network was barred from Canadian airwaves, while we publicly funded left-of-centre equivalents such as the CBC.

Fox is now available on digital cable and, well, nothing has changed at all. In other words, Canadians are not quite as pathetic and vulnerable as our leaders assume. We can be trusted with alternative views.

They say we have arts and culture while all they have is trash television. Not quite. They have a massive variety of television, including the most trashy. Thing is, we have tried to produce trash TV but failed. As we fail when we try to copy American legal dramas, police dramas, historical dramas.

They say we produce art movies while they produce mere populism. Not so. In spite of generous government funding, we make variations on a theme. A dying town somewhere in rural Canada, gay characters struggling to be understood, the fight against racism and a bigoted Christian somewhere on the scene. Oh, and a few pornographic images thrown in for good measure.

They say we have diversity and wit in our press, while they have conformity and lack of style. Yet every American city has a number of impressive daily newspapers and most small towns have weekly publications. They have liberal and conservative, religious and secular, black and white.

They have wide and different ownership, a multitude of different and contrary expression, the right to say almost anything, the liberty to question authority, the expectation of argument and debate, the protection of the basic right to speak one's mind.

Bashers of the U.S. say we have the separation of church and state while they have too much religion. The truth is that they have a constitutional requirement to separate church and state but allow religion to have its place in the public square, thus giving voice to so many brilliant and ethical people.

We effectively silence people of faith, lie to and about them and insult the very ideas that founded Canada itself. We stifle talk of moral behaviour in the name of morality. We deny the difference between right and wrong and then condemn people as being wrong if they disagree.

We say we are mature and they are childish. Which shows just how immature we are and how much growing up we need to do.

Time to put away the toys of smugness and conceit and make our own way in the world. With or without a government grant.

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nope, canada's better

by Jaqui In reply to US is better than Canada ...

for one simple reason...okay 2

1) I was born here.

2) illegal to carry guns here.
( this means the cops see you with one they got reason to put you in jail, fewer murders per capita than in the us. )

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Ontario's better than BC

by house In reply to nope, canada's better

Made ya look.

If I'm not mistaken, we've got more guns per capita than the US. Strange stats eh?

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by Jaqui In reply to Ontario's better than BC

ontario is on the wrong side of the rockies.
only braindead monkeys live east of the rockies.

never heard that about guns.

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That because the stats were wrong...

by house In reply to wrongo

I should check my sources next time.

PS - I've heard rumours of other provinces within Canada... are there other places besides Ontario? Strange.. the Federal government has never mentioned them.

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by Jaqui In reply to That because the stats we ...

cause everyone on both the town of ottawa and the province of ontario are brain-dead monkeys.
after all, if they had a functioning brain they would be in BC not ontario.
( BC = Best in Canada. )

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Always great when

by jdclyde In reply to nope, canada's better

someone can put together an unbiased opinion on something......

Nice thing about the US is the only people who illegally carry guns are the murderers. The rest of us have a chance at least to not be next.

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nicely stated

by read In reply to Always great when

This is probably the most succinct and common sense reply one could possibly make to such a dumb generalized argument. Thanks jdclyde.

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Illogical nonsense; America IS better.

by WatchHawkInc In reply to nope, canada's better

After seeing how illogical, irrational, and prejudice you are, I can already discount reason #1.

About reason #2. You're obviously an anti-gunner. So once again, your irrationality and illogicalness come into play. Guns are not bad things, people are. Bad people with bad intentions make guns do bad things. Guns are not bad things, they are inanimate objects used for good and bad. It's a sad, bad thing indeed that it is illegal for you to carry guns. They're quite helpful in defending yourself and others from the criminals who get guns regardless of what the law tells them.

Your entire reply was a waste of time and does not discredit the original post at all. I can't believe you even have an account here. Your argument is not an argument at all; it's a pathetic, prejudiced attempt at a reimbursement.

Please actually read what I said instead of just spouting off anti-American propaganda like you did with this post of yours.

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by the title, I'm afraid to even read this.

by mrafrohead In reply to US is better than Canada ...

I dunno about this one...

I'm not Canadian, but I don't know about this one...

I guess just to be a smart arse, I'll just say this much:

At least we don't talk so funny, eh??? ;p

Unless you go to MinnesOOOOtaaaa... ;p

wocka wocka

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This is just plain silly!

by DC_GUY In reply to US is better than Canada ...

No country is "better" than any other country unless you measure it by a narrow standard. Bangladesh is poorer, Finland is colder. Some countries go through really bad patches like Nazi Germany, but it usually averages out in less than a lifetime.

To talk about "the culture" of Canada or of the U.S. is just plain silly. There is so much diversity in both countries, if you look hard enough you can find plenty of whatever you're looking for.

There's plenty of fodder for South Park jokes and Saturday Night Live skits on both sides of the border. But there's also plenty to love. If fate had placed me on the other side, I have no doubt that I'd be just as happy on some days and just as angry on others as I am here.

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