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Usenet vs Web 2.0

By The Ref ·
As the "Web 2.0" continues to be the focus of most investment these days, I think there are some basic things we are losing. In the "good ol' days" there were Usenet groups which in some ways meet the needs of popular and heated posts much better.

Groups don?t enforce a maximum depth due to html layout reasons, and if there is a maximum depth it is far greater than the five levels most web based forums impose.

With groups you download the headers first, then just the contents of the messages you want to read. This can be done with a single key, not having to scroll down the page then reload all the banners and adds again.

With groups you mark the individual posts at a personal level as read (assuming the same pc) so you can easily see the new posts and can quickly remain up to date on all posts.

With groups you block posters who are trolls or debase themselves with name calling or mindless rants. (This is an absolutely wonderful feature!)

The only advantages I see of web based posts are:
People do not need to be taught how to trim the previous messages as they are not using a reply style to post.*

With web views you can see the contents of all of the posts on one page.

It would be good to see some of these benefits some back in web 2 based forums.

The Ref.

*Note, in one large forum I am subscribed to, most people just ?reply to? without trimming to post. On one daily digest I worked out the post was 32 pages long (very simple metric ? number of pages in a word processor) but when I cut out all of the automatic reply of earlier messages, leaving those attributed correctly, it came down to just over 7 pages. Removing more than a four line signature brought it down to 6 ? pages. This gives a signal to noise of just under 20% :-(

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