User sends an email to a specific user and a third party receives it too!?

By cj_mcnix ·
This one is killing me slowly...

Exchange 2003 / Outlook 2003

Joe sends email to Jimmy (another internal user), Jimmy gets the message, but Joe also gets a bounce message that Paula (Jimmy's ex-secretary) doesn't exist (Paula was fired and her account deleted).

When Cindy, Joe's secretary makes a calendar entry on Joe's Calendar, Betty (Joe's old secretary) gets a copy of the calendar receipts.

What's going on? I've looked everywhere on Jimmy and Cindy's PCs to see why these extra recipients are being added on the sly but nothing jumps out at me!

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have you looked at MS Office's site ?

by CG IT In reply to User sends an email to a ...

Distribution lists could be one area.

Delegate might be another.

Send and Receive groups yet another.

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Not even sure how to phrase the search

by cj_mcnix In reply to have you looked at MS Off ...

Paula does not appear in any distribution lists

Neither Joe, nor Jimmy have any delegates set (they manually share the inbox/calendar with secretary)

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well you have 2 issues

by CG IT In reply to Not even sure how to phra ...

Calendar events and CC or BCCs.

Calendars can be shared and published.

Here's sharing :**033.aspx

Here's distribution lists:

And here's a little program for Outlook which automatically populates CC and BCC.

just some suggestions

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Doe sJimmy...

by jimmy-jam In reply to User sends an email to a ...

Have a rule set up to autoforward email to his former secretary that maybe he fogot about?

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Addendum.... not an actual email issue: it's a Calendar issue.

by cj_mcnix In reply to User sends an email to a ...

I just checked Joe's and Cindy's email myself (rather than their claims).

Turns out that Joe is not receiving bounce messages every time he sends an email. He is recieving bounce messages because Cindy is sending Calendar invites to Jimmy through Joe's shared Calendar.

This now merges the two issues. When Cindy sends a Calendar invite through Joe's shared Calendar, Betty and Paula are still somehow attached.

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What about Bob?

by CG IT In reply to Addendum.... not an actua ...

Check shared calendars on Technet, Office or MS Help and Support sites.

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