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By Michael34 ·
Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering how many of you have had users that just say the funniest things and get the most interesting support calls.

I was going to make a web page just for fun for technicians so they can see what we all have to put up with. If you have one, Please list it.
(Note: These are not meant in any way to offend anyone)

My big story is this:

The other day I got a call from a family member, saying she thought she might have a worm in her computer so I instructed her just to leave it alone and I will check it out when I get off work. Well Around 3 PM, I got a call. She told me not to worry about it as she took care of the worm. I asked how and she replied, "I went to the store and got some bug spray and sprayed the inside of my computer" The damage was minimum, but next time she told me that she will wait for me. -Michael (Computer/Network Technician)

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Too late mate

by Deadly Ernest In reply to User Stories

You are too late someone is already ahead of you on this. You should read the sharktank, its fun.

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Not that funny but true.

by grommitsteed In reply to Too late mate

User called for instructions on using the CD drive, I sent one of the trainees up to lend some guidance. Two days later the user called again to inform me that the CD would no longer fit as it had done two days previous, a visit to the user cleared up the problem she was trying to place the CD into the opening of the floppy drive.

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Large Archive

by TheChas In reply to User Stories

There is a very good (and funny) list of all kinds of PC and other human issues posted at

I have read support stories there that I never imagined.

While I do not have a link for you, a while back one of the peers posted a question and awarded Tech Points for stories.

Perhaps if you search the Q&A section for funny stories you might find the thread.


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RE: Large Archive

by Michael34 In reply to Large Archive

Hey thanks for the link. There is some really interesting stuff there.

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Confessions from a call center

by jkaras In reply to User Stories

i used to work for a call center that had all kinds of support from computers to jello 800 hotline. I got on a dialup isp account concerning Ohio and Indiana area. Needless to say I got a million stories to tell. One day I got a call from a lady whocalled because her husband hates talking on the phone, hmmmmm. Anyway she tells me that she cant receive any emails. I log into her account after attempting to edit her settings with no solution present. It took 7 minutes to log into our web based email, why? Because there was over 7500 email messages awaiting to be down loaded. Any guesses as to the nature of the emails? Yep, porn spam, all of it from teen to farm animal luvin. As I'm talking to her joking about the amount she never questionedthe origin of the emails obviously knowing full well what was in there. As I promised to delete the emails I called over everyone in the office to take a gander at this person's fetishs. It was a riot, no one there could believe the bizarre sites visited I kept hitting the mute button as we all couldnt control our laughter screaming out the most offensive site names. There are many more of course including a gay man said after I greeted him, "I need help deleting this gay porn dialer that I downloaded please help me remove it, it's costing me a fortune and the site sucks anyway.
" No kidding. The worst was dealing with lonely people that would try to pick you up cause you got a sexy voice and they dont have a problem with their pc at all,it was a wierd job.

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This one time at computer camp

by MallardtooXX In reply to User Stories

Once I had a great Idea! I set up a camp for 5-9 year old kids to learn computers. I ran it on saturday afternoons off of my servers at work in a secured partition. I did this for free because I thought it would be a great promo for our business as well as an opportunity for some under priv kids to get their hands on some really nice computers to learn on. I had a group of 35 kids that were just dying to do this. Three weeks into the camp I get a call from one of the parents. Mom is not happy that little jimmy is learning all of these horrible things at my camp and she has half a mind to sue me. I am thinking of my god what have I done? Well it turns out little jimmy wasn't the problem at all. I went to their house to investigate and see what was up. Little jimmy showed me the things I had taught him, he did nothing wrong nor offensive at all. Mom standing over my shoulder says "You See I told you, you've ruined my little jimmy." I was just about to say something to her when I saw what she was looking at. The menu bar of the browser was replaced with very suggestive pictures of women. I asked little jimmy to log off and log back on. It was dads account, jimmy didn't have one so he asked his dad if he could use his.....needless to say I am not nearly so charitable any more


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