Using screensaver to display 'company/IT policy'?

By tlim77 ·
Dear TR community,

Does your company use screensaver to display a short and precise IT policy? Is screensaver even allowed at your company? We are currently using general windows xp screensaver for restricted desktops. Would displaying IT policy via screensaver annoy users?

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In my experience

by Dumphrey In reply to Using screensaver to disp ...

any change annoys users at first, and then they move on and adapt to the change (some of what does or does not bother them can be totally unexpected). I personally see no problem with using a screen saver to show a short company policy.

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The problem with this is

by jdclyde In reply to In my experience

have you ever seen a SHORT company policy?

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Well no....

by Dumphrey In reply to The problem with this is

and most of them are farmed out to lawyers so employees have no idea what they are reading anyway...

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Well yes....

by jdclyde In reply to Well no....

And the more there is to read, the less people will read.

A few years back when the buzzword was "portals", the idea was a central kickoff point for all employees, where you could have a message of the day, or a tip of the day. short and sweet, and people will read it. To bad the "portals" never proved useful.

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Well Duh

by Dumphrey In reply to Well yes....

if the portal had been Ewe-tube maybe it would work.

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Short policy reminder

by tlim77 In reply to The problem with this is

How about adding few to do's and not to do's?

For example,
"Internet usage is for business related opearation only as per Company's IT policy."

Next screen,
"For security purposes, please lock or log off when desktop is not used."

What do you think?

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I don't see that being recieved warmly

by jdclyde In reply to Short policy reminder

As for locking desktops, I make an icon that runs this code:

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

At the click of a button, locked workstation. People don't CARE about security because that is YOUR job, not theirs (in their minds).

If there is not a reason or benefit for them, it is not their concern.

You can try it, but I wouldn't expect anything positive to come out of it.

Just my .02 cents worth after a decade of trying to emplement new technology, and EVERYTIME getting resistance from the end users. Mostly passive resistance.

Good luck.

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How about before they Logon?

by IC-IT In reply to Short policy reminder

You could add a message that pops up after the Ctrl-Alt-Del.
This may be done in the registry, gpedit, or GPO.
Reg location: -caption
and Reg location: -Any Text

Gpedit - Comp Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Local Policies - Security Options - Interactive logon - (Both) Message text for users .....
and Message Title for ........

To configure a logon message, open the Group Policy console and double-click Security Options. (Expand the following: Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, and Local Policies.) In the right pane, double-click Interactive Logon: Message Text For Users Attempting To Log On. Type a message you want to display in the empty field under the Local Policy Setting tab and click OK.

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From past experience this will prove pointless

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Using screensaver to disp ...

The first thing is that the Policy will be too long and worded in such a way to be unreadable to the general Users.

The next thing is the moment that the novelty has worn off after the first 3 Nanoseconds anything that you place on the Screen Saver will be ignored just like the adds on this site.

So they will be ineffective and more importantly a Total Waste of someones time & effort in making & deploying them.

Stick with a Company Logo if you want but forget about anything as a attempt at Education it's just not going to work. There was something here recently about using the Company Logo as a Screen Saver in the form of a Flying Flag. That would be far more useful that attempting to shorten a Computer Use Policy so it will fit and be readable as a Screen Saver. Even then it will not be saving the monitor and most likely be wasting more time with the users reading the message and not understanding it or that it applies to them when they should be working.


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Um, col?

by jdclyde In reply to From past experience this ...

There are ads on this site? :0

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