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Vancouver - September or October

By onbliss ·
Just planning a 4 days sight-seeing trip to Vancouver, Canada. I was wondering if October would be cold/rainy, and if it would be better if we do this in September. I would'nt mind the weather if it is cold/sunny.


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by jdclyde In reply to Vancouver - September or ...

What kind of sites are you going looking for?

(no, I don't know about the weather, but I would bet you could find a yearly rainfall trends chart somewhere?)

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Just the normal

by onbliss In reply to sights and vicinity. Things that kids (8yr and 2yr (almost)would enjoy or be comfortable.

I looked at charts and averages, but thought somebody here might have some more insights.

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more insights?

by Jaqui In reply to Just the normal

maybe not, I've only lived in Vancouver BC Canada for 39 out of 41 years.

it has been warm and sunny until this last week, we finally got some rain [ one day ] and cooler temperatures.

I have seen it warm and sunny until late november, as well as cool and wet as early as beginning september. cold we don't really get until january.

recommended clothing to bring:
water resistant windbreaker, shoes that can be worn in the rain or on a hot sunny day.
if 10 C is cold to you, then warm clothing.
[ t-shirt temperature to most people ]

activities, specially for the kids, science world, with lots of hands on exhibits for the kids t play with, the planetarium [ anthopological museum as well as a bit about space ] and the maritime museum, the aquarium in Stanley Park, Granville Island Market [ large kids space area, marina for pleasure baots, grocery shopping as well as souvenir type shops, but not really a tourist trap ]

The Kite Shop on Water Street in Historic Gastown.
[ kites galore there ]

September, you might even be able to make one of the last trips on "The Royal Hudson" steam train to Whistler, a day trip.

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by onbliss In reply to more insights?

...for the information. We are kind of used to Minnesota weather. So will get the warm gear. Our worry was the rain :-) Someone I knew went ot New Zealand at a wrong time, and they stayed inside their hotel 3 out of 7 days because of rain and blustery conditions.

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Rain is a state of mind

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks

You get wetter than that every morning when you take a shower.

Just make sure you children have on a nice knit sweater in case the day becomes a blustery one! ;\ (one of my all time favorite stories! )

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not true!!

by Jaqui In reply to Rain is a state of mind

or it would be raining here 365 days a year!!

I'll allow the .25 day differential to be non raining, but my state of mind it should always be raining..

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no problem..

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks

we are in a rainforest climate here, but the rain is more november to april on average.

more a light drizzle than a real downpour. I can walk 6 blocks before my hair is wet right through to my scalp.

if it helps, my normal attire year round:
leather trench coat, black t-shirt, black jeans, combat boots.

and yup, doesn't matter what the weather is doing, that's what I wear. 30C [ 90 F ] or below freezing, I wear the same. [ below freezing here, -1 to -3 C maybe about 30 F, the kicker is that winter is higher humidity here, so it's a wet cold not the dry cold east of the Rockies ]

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As another former Vancouver resident, I'll add...

by snr2005 In reply to Thanks

Sep is likelier to be nicer (but Oct, can be very sunny and cool in a good way.)

Don't forget to take walks on:

* Kitsilano Beach
* 4th Avenue (for the shops between Burrard and Arbutus)
* Grouse Mountain (on the North Shore/North Vancouver)

Local family-friendly restaurants where the food is good, and the atmosphere is not lowbrow:


They're both examples of local restaurants that became local chains, and have now expanded to other regions (but maintained quality and variety).

And if you like to indulge yourselves, you should track down:

Bernard Callebaut chocolates
Ecco Il Pane (bakery and cafe)

Have fun!

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by onbliss In reply to As another former Vancouv ...

...for your recommendations. My wife wanted to do some Coffee shop if she has some time, so will look around for a place around where we stay.

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Whislter - bus

by onbliss In reply to more insights?

Yeah we have Stanely Park, Granville Island, Anthropology Museum and Whistler in our list.

We were thinking about taking the Grayhound (?) bus to Whistler. Some of the train tours were atrociously price :-).

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