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Verichip / Mondex

By dwdino ·
The end cometh...

Revelation 13...

Conicidence, don't think so.

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I agree

by eecniagara In reply to Verichip / Mondex

Thanx for the links... couldn't get the Mondex one to load... but I know what you are talking about... not a huge secret though. These people seem to be in gaining ground, but education can help thwat their efforts.
They are firmly entrenched globally, with no shortage of cash and resources to further their ultimate goal of a Single non-elected World Governement and as evidenced by their actions, don't expect it to be benevolent. As a matter of fact I have seen some pretty disturbing contingency global policing documents. IF I had to point to a single item which stood out, it was that the policing of any specific nation or region would be caried out only by forces whose mother language was NOT that of the citizenry they are policing.
Interesting stuff...
As well, if you are interested in opting-out of this society while still being able to be part of it...learn how to become a "natural person" not subject to government intrusion... send me an email and I will send you a web link for your perusal.

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