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Very Good Spyware Remover

By SmartStuff ·
I have seen many spyware remover tools offering free spyware removal. I would love to create my own version, something like


It's a great spyware remover, the best spyware removal tool program for all versions of windows up to Windows XP.

I code in Visual Basic and just getting started in VB.NET - so i'd prefer any advice to be towards Visual Basic 6. I guess there has to be a registry scan of some kind, which raises the question ... what to search for.

Anyone already tried to make one?

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Re: Spyware Remover

by SmartStuff In reply to Very Good Spyware Remover

.... like, for my spyware remover, would i need to set some special permissions for it to search my machine?

I think online updates goes without saying.

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Forget it; such is not a one man endeavor.

by deepsand In reply to Very Good Spyware Remover

For starters, how do you expect to obtain the necessary footprint/signature files? No one is going to provide & update them free of charge.

Even if they were freely available, it is obvious that you do not yet possess the requisite knowledge, skill & experience for this task. That's not a put-down, just an honest statement of fact.

Before you attempt anything of this sort, you would be well advised to become experienced in working with both the OS kernel & assembly language(s).

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Warning- your Very Good Spyware Remover may be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

by deepsand In reply to Very Good Spyware Remover

Check out their marketing affilate, at [v][/v].

They sell Adware as well!

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Don't be too sure about this. If you want a free spyware remover...........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Very Good Spyware Remover

c/w free updates, then try Spybot Search&Destroy. As good as it gets. To clean out your registry I suggest JV16 Power Tools or its little brother Registry Cleaner(although I may have screwed that title up)

Dawg ]:)

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