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    Video Games


    by eddie ·

    I don’t see anything really video game related here. Video games, arcade gaming, etc. Anyone else want to see something like this?

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      We are professionals and are too busy for games

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Video Games

      I spend the majority of my time improving my skills and reading about new technologies. I don’t have time for video games.

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        HA! That’s why there is a WoW guild made of TR members ;-)

        by jmgarvin ·

        In reply to We are professionals and are too busy for games

        Yup, if you play WoW, there is a guild on Duskwood made up of mostly TR members…

        As for other games, Madden stinks 😉

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          I Hate WoW

          by user.booted ·

          In reply to HA! That’s why there is a WoW guild made of TR members ;-)

          It’s a generic experience grinding, waste of time MMORPG that you have to pay every month for. Once I’m finished, Fantasy Realm will pwn it.

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          That’s Why I Play Guild Wars

          by johnny bee ·

          In reply to I Hate WoW

          No monthly fees and new storyline upgrades every 6-8 months. Sure it’s experience grinding, and not very high end at that, but you buy the software, play the game, and hang out with your buds on line. The fact that we all live in cities across Canada and the US makes this perfect for us old time Dungeons and Dragons gamers.

          As to seeing more video game related stuff – if it’s just blogging about your game, no. If it involved problem-solving issues, then I’m all for it. Nothing tests a hig-performance system more than some high-tech video gaming, and nothing creates more problems for PC afficianados than video games. A forum for problem-solving would be a welcome “techie” thing to have access to.

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        by tink! ·

        In reply to We are professionals and are too busy for games

        It’s been mentioned several times that many TR members [b]are also gamers.[/b] Myself included.

        Unfortunately I’m not in Warquest, but I still enjoy PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy and now DS games as well as other PC games…currently Puzzle Pirates.

        And actually, as a working mom, I find that playing vid games is a nice way to get the kids to snuggle up with you while they watch you play.
        Tink 🙂

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          Video game dad!

          by jonathan h ·

          In reply to LOL

          Some of my favorite times with my wife and daughters are when I get to teach them how to play a new game.
          Neverwinter Nights
          Final Fantasy 7, 10
          Any Mario or Zelda game

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          Nothing helps you bond

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to LOL

          like a good frag session! 😀

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          I lose

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Nothing helps you bond

          Actually, I think my bro-in-law is planning a Halo party this week: 4 consoles & TVs, 16 uncles, cousins, & friends blasting the h3ll out of each other in the pole barn. Beer & grill on the side. Now that’s bonding.

          My 6-year-old nephew will walk all over all comers…again. That boy can [b]play[/b] Halo. 🙂

          Edit: major change in direction. Better read it again 😀

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          Lan party when my boys turned 14

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I lose

          There is a local shop that has 24 computer setup for internet gaming and you go in and pay and play by the hour.

          I rented the whole place out, from 10 pm until 8 am.

          14 kids, a few of my buds and a few other dads hung around.

          When we teamed up, no one could touch me and my boys! B-)

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          I’m so bad at it

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Lan party when my boys turned 14

          that my nephew won’t pick me for his team; the only time he ever lost, I was his teammate. When it comes to shooters, I’m the poor kid who is always the last one picked… :_|

          But it’s still fun, and I’m learning.

          Besides, [b]nobody[/b] can touch me at head-to-head Tetris. ]:)

          Edit: Post 999 here. Funny, it took me 5 years to get to 500, and less than two years later I’m at 1000. You guys are a bad influence. 🙂

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        Life anyone.

        by jonathan h ·

        In reply to We are professionals and are too busy for games

        So there is no time for relaxation. Is there no activity to help unwind after a heavy day of being “professional”?
        For many of us video games are the hobby of choice. This seems to me a natural extension of the choice of profession.

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          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Life anyone.

          For me, working with computers is (mostly) fun. I don’t really need to unwind most of the time. On the rare occasion that I do, I prefer to get away from the computer entirely. Video games are just boring.

          Besides, most of the popular video games are created for Windows, and it’s usually Windows that increases my stress level when I have a bad day working with computers. Why would I want to compound the problem by placing myself in front of a Windows machine again?

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          You could always…

          by justin james ·

          In reply to Unwind?

          … load up X Eyes and wave your mouse around a lot! 😉

          Video games do not seem to relax me much any more. As you’ve mentioned, they involve using a device which is the cause of most of my stress to begin with, and when I am done playing them, my problems are still there, but I have lost 2 hours of my time that could have been spent fixing the problems.


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        I have the time…

        by user.booted ·

        In reply to We are professionals and are too busy for games

        I play video games a LOT, hell, I make them. I’m not really a professional, the closest thing I ever had to a job is making computer games. I’d much rather get a Wii than learn about Linux.

        • #3284640


          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I have the time…

          Watch your language young man. :0

          Okay… what’s a Wii? Don’t make me look it up. I’ll admit that I don’t know everything (everything aka jacksh!t) [b]and[/b] I’m an old fart and a charter(?) member of the Explorers Club.

          What software do you program with and how long have you been doing it?

          Oh yeah… you said you’re the youngest member of TR. How the f… err… heck old are you?

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          Wii is the new game console from Nintendo

          by techexec2 ·

          In reply to Hell?

        • #3284363

          I can’t wait to play with my Wii (:O)

          by user.booted ·

          In reply to Wii is the new game console from Nintendo

          It’s pronounced Wii, just so you know. I’m getting one as soon as possible.

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      and Yes, I would

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Video Games

      like to see more discussions on video games. Helps weed out the ones not to buy…when you’re buying for 3 kids and a mom, that’s significant money saved.

      • #3199885

        Then step up!

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to and Yes, I would

        When your looking to buy a few games, start a discussion asking for reviews on the specific games your interested in.

        Another option is to describe the style of games you are interested in and the platform, and ask for advice.

        I would show up.

        • #3199884

          That’s a good idea

          by user.booted ·

          In reply to Then step up!

          If you make that topic, I’ll be sure to help, unless they’re sports games. *shudders*

        • #3284566

          I can think of little lazier than

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to That’s a good idea

          sitting around playing a VIDEO game of a sport!

          If you like the sport, go out and play it! 😀

          Excuse me now, got a video game of soccer to play….. :p

        • #3284559

          I agree

          by user.booted ·

          In reply to I can think of little lazier than

          Besides that, sports games get boring REALLY quickly and aren’t NEARLY as good as the real thing.

    • #3199971

      Check out our sister site…

      by leee ·

      In reply to Video Games for everything you ever wanted to know about the latest video games – ratings, cheats, news, the works.

      At TechRepublic our focus is on techs, with video games as an occasional diversion. At GameSpot, that’s their life!

      • #3284643

        I had no idea

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Check out our sister site…

        that was a sister site. It’s been in my bookmarks for a long time. B-)

        • #3198991


          by leee ·

          In reply to I had no idea

          It’s all under the CNET Networks banner. is another one of our prominent brands; hence the frequent cross-pollination between TR and

          Look at the bottom of most any page and you’ll see:

          BNET | | CNET Channel | CNET | CNET | CNET Reviews | CNET
          GameSpot | International Media | | mySimon | Release 1.0 | | TechRepublic | | Webshots | ZDNet

          Have fun!

      • #2466551

        No chance

        by galraen ·

        In reply to Check out our sister site…

        What subscribe to a site that fires a long time employee for making an honest review of a bad game? Just because it upsets an advertiser. Have anything to do with a site that allows its advertising department to dictate content. Unfortunately thats the way game reviews have gone in recent years, making them totally valueless. I came very close to un-subscribing from CNET when I found out that they were the parent company of GameSpot.

    • #3199210

      Yep, I would

      by blackcurrant ·

      In reply to Video Games

      I am an avid gamer, but when I started gaming two years ago I knew nothing about it and did not understand the technical side. This led to quite a few frustrating moments.

      It would be great to see technical discussions of essential hardware and configuration aimed at gamers – which really would also encompass anyone using a high-end PC.

      I also do a lot of game recording and have had to learn the hard way how best to achieve good results. It all takes power… and it must be configured correctly.

      Mind you – discussing games in general is also good fun – many games forums are populated by pre-pubescent angsty teenagers whose hormones are in such a muddled state that it is impossible to discuss anything with them. Disagree with them and they will inevitably explode into an indomitable rage and splurge their anger across the threads….

      It would make a pleasant change to be able to discuss these things with mature people.

      • #3199142

        Hey, I’M a teenager

        by user.booted ·

        In reply to Yep, I would

        But I never explode into an “indomitable rage”, the only time I have really gotten angry on forums was when mods locked my topics for no reason. (Hyrule_Boy and DSRR|Steve do that ALL the time, that’s what they’re known for)

        • #3199078


          by blackcurrant ·

          In reply to Hey, I’M a teenager

          Well, I can sympathise with you. I visit the planethalflife forums which have some very strict rules about thread posting. They will lock posts for no reason that I can see.

          What I was referring was some poster’s inablility to respond in an adult fashion. Take a look at and look at the Painkiller for PC section – you will see that many threads from about 6-8 months ago contain incredibly vitriolic posts. The worst offenders were a 15 year old and two people in their early 20’s. Thankfully, the offenders have since been banned.

        • #3284105

          That reminds me of a member of DSR…

          by user.booted ·

          In reply to LOL!

          His username is “bounty hunter”(I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Metroid) and every other word he says is “fuck”.

    • #3200613


      by justin james ·

      In reply to Video Games

      C|Net properties owns Gamespot, which is a top notch game site (except for their wretched white text/black background color scheme). TechRepublic does not need any video game information, unless it is something that touches the lifes of IT professionals. Let’s not dilute TechRepublic’s brand. The motto for this site is “Real World. Real Time. Real IT.” As it is, this site is littered with stuff that has nothing to do with my job as an IT professional. Do you go into a punk rock club to hear smooth jazz? I bet not. So let’s not turn a site for helping IT pros do their jobs into a site for “everything that IT pros like.” If we did that, we might as well start putting up pictures of scantily clad women and have discussions about whether or not Bards are the ultimate class choice or just too weak at everything to be worth playing…

      I hate to be harsh, but there are tons of great sites for video games out there. There are very few even OK sites for IT professionals. Stick to the core competancy folks, and everything will be OK. 🙂


      • #3201126


        by apotheon ·

        In reply to No

        I’m with you on that one. In fact, I was going to post something very like what you said, until I saw what you had posted.

        As a matter of fact, I’d like to see more of the technical articles and less of the fluffy stuff, like SQL Server image galleries that provide no additional information.

        • #3200995

          Not sure if you noticed…

          by justin james ·

          In reply to Ditto.

          … but my blog has been getting very technical lately. I know that you are not a .Net guy, but the principles and information (it is about multithreading) are very applicable to any language, not just .Net languages. I’m even putting up sample code. Expect this type of “new direction” on my end to continue for a while. Will I still be doing the industry analysis stuff? Sure, but less and less so.

          I agree with you wholeheartedly. A site full of image galleries or opinions is a crowded field. But well written, in depth technical information is still extraordinarily hard to find. It is sad that when I find the answer to a tough tech question, it is usually in the Web archive of a mailing list.


        • #3200979

          I check it out from time to time.

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Not sure if you noticed…

          Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to keep up with TR blogs in their current incarnation — in part because there’s no way to subscribe to comments, and in part because there’s no direct way to aggregate blog post notifications for TR blogs of my choosing. As such, I tend to let that sort of thing slide a lot. Yours is one of the TR blogs that I actually do check out from time to time, though (usually when Sterling mentions something about your TR blog in his off-site weblog).

          I like well-written, thoughtful industry analysis, though, as well as technical stuff. It’s just the superficially technical stuff that turns into ra-ra cheerleading or fails to include any information I couldn’t get from clicking around a GUI for five minutes that I find particularly annoying. Galleries can be interesting, but more often than not I find them a complete waste of time.

          So . . . good technical writing and industry analysis is great. I’ll check out your threads stuff soon.

        • #3200944

          I agree

          by justin james ·

          In reply to I check it out from time to time.

          Yeah, the TR blog system is in desparate need of a technological revamp. As you said, it is basically impossible to follow individual blogs. They have that “blog posts from my contacts” system, but you have to take a deep walk through the navigation system to find it, and it does not display many items.

          I also know what you mean about the blogs/articles where you’re like, “I could have figured that out myself.” That’s what I am trying to get more in-depth with my writing. It costs me a few readers, I’m sure, but the readers are of a higher level of knowledge & feedback.

          What’s the URL to Sterling’s blog? I would be interested in reading that.


        • #3282902

          Sterling (and me)

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to I agree

          He can be found off-site at and, while I’m at it, is where you can find me off-site if you’re interested.

        • #3228335

          Wow, RMail is confusing

          by justin james ·

          In reply to Sterling (and me)

          So I went to do the subscribe to you & Sterling. I do not use RSS, so I tried using the RMail subscribe system. Wow, I got confused! The confirmation screen drew my attention to the information box, not the “Subscription Activated” message so I kept clicking the “Subscribe” button with no apparent effect! After the initial page load from the link in the email, it gave me zero feedback that it was doing anything at all.

          I know it isn’t you fault, just something I noticed. But now I am subscribed. Thanks!


        • #3228293

          duly noted

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Sterling (and me)

          I’ll direct Randy (the creator of Rmail) to your post here so he can make adjustments for more useful feedback on the Rmail site. Thanks for mentioning the problem.

        • #3202818


          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Sterling (and me)

          I let Randy know about your post here. Here’s his reply:

          [i]I changed the screen, so that after you subscribe, there’s a brief message
          (3 seconds) before you move on. I’m making more changes like that in other
          areas to make subscribing obvious.
          Thanks for sending me that feedback,

          Randy Charles Morin

          Overall, the interface of is much prettier than it was. It was quite usable before, but even that has been enhanced (as mentioned in Randy’s reply, quoted above). He does good work.

        • #3202774

          Re: update

          by justin james ·

          In reply to Sterling (and me)

          “Overall, the interface of is much prettier than it was. It was quite usable before, but even that has been enhanced (as mentioned in Randy’s reply, quoted above). He does good work.”

          Yes, it looks much, much better there now! I am really impressed with his response time to bugs. A few days ago, I notified him of a bug and within an hour or two he responded.

          Speaking of bugs, your blog’s “subscribe to comments” system does *not* work (otherwise I would have responded to the piracy thread, when it was still alive).

          Cut me a private message or an email or something, I may be able to help you with your hosting issue. I have a server on a UPS with a static IP, you just need to provide DNS lookups at that point (only one static IP = violation of DNS rules for me to do my DNS servers). Running on FreeBSD and I install whatever people want me to install within reason. 🙂


    • #3200598

      Definitely not

      by foulere ·

      In reply to Video Games

      I don’t understand how anyone has time (or desire for that matter) to play games. Sure, games were fun when we were kids, and maybe even taught us a thing or two, but we’re working adults now. Isn’t TR about supporting working adults?

      I have a couple of questions for gamers:

      1/ where do you find the time
      2/ how do you justify spending so much time with no tangible payoff?
      3/ don’t you feel like you’re subsituting real life with a simulated one?

      Am I the only one that thinks the majority of gaming is bogus mindlessness?

      It’s hard enough to keep up with real life much less a virtual one, imo.

      • #3201246

        justifying the time?

        by deb ·

        In reply to Definitely not

        Wow, I grew up before the “home computer” was common place, if you had an Atari, you were king of the neighborhood and Pong totally p*wned.

        I grew up reading science fiction novels, watching Sci-Fi TV (star trek, battlestar galactica, etc) and movies and developing a fascination with all things technical. We played Dungeons and Dragons to interact with our fantasy worlds and it was hardly mindless. LOL, I’m under 40.

        My oldest son starts college this month majoring in Video Game Design and Development. I’ve very proud of him and will probably spend more time playing video games as he’s actually working on them.

        What hobby isn’t bogus mindlessness. Admit it, nearly all of us have watched reality TV (don’t you sit there and say “I could do that”). Entertainment is never without a tangible payoff. We shouldn’t force ourselves to be productive every minute of the day. Whether it’s golf, tv, video games, or batting cages.

        I love to watch my kids play video games. I’m impressed with their problem solving, accuracy, memory (I can’t remember how to get through one level of Sonic the Hedgehog, let along beat a time of any sort ROFL). There are tremendous benefits in hand to eye cordination and memory building in my opinion. We could all use a little time off to play a game 🙂

        • #3201201

          I guess I should clarify…

          by foulere ·

          In reply to justifying the time?

          Your point is well taken – I wholeheartedly support play and hobby time. I guess I take more issue with this specific type of play. Especially the types of games that are propagated today that promote false realities and, at the same, mindless violence. Especially when we’re talking about professional adults who should know better. I’m sure I’ll be called a snob for this, but I take the same issue with reality tv, as you mentioned, as well as a lot of areas of our ingrained american culture (or lack thereof). I never watch it – no time, no desire. Playtime can be mind-diverting and instructive/beneficial in some way at the same time.

    • #3201120

      Hell Freakn NO

      by grimshiire ·

      In reply to Video Games

      Nough said.

    • #3201106

      NO GAMES

      by alsat ·

      In reply to Video Games

      There are enough Game sites, blogs, aetc. Keep this It/tech focused.

    • #3201090

      No support here :)

      by los0463los ·

      In reply to Video Games

      I for one am against it. I believe there are too many video game sites and honestly it would kill the whole point of this site. This site is really helpful and insightful.

    • #3201065


      by lando56 ·

      In reply to Video Games

      Plenty of sites for ‘gamers’. Hardly need to muck up important IT stuff with junk!

    • #3282953

      Not only no, but. . . . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Video Games

      …hell no.

    • #3200224

      Ok I change my answer to No

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Video Games

      Now that I know there is a sister site where it’s all Games.

      However, I do think that the link to it should be more prominently displayed somewhere since many of techies do choose to unwind with our PS2, Gamecube or Xbox.

    • #3226954

      Surprisingly, I’d say no too

      by wow > work ·

      In reply to Video Games

      I’m a fan of video games (does the name give it away?) and am one of those that fight the want to ban video games (but that’s something for another topic.)

      Personally, I think it’s best to leave TR the way it is. Sure there is the occasional coverage of some game thing or another, but there are plenty of other sites that deal with video games. There aren’t too many sites I go to for IT related articles.

      Of course, we do have the mindless fun things with YouTube videos and random funny images, so to say completely “No” to *any* coverage of games, because they aren’t “IT related” is a tad hypocritical (besides, games are still technology, right?)

    • #3138986

      y some people are video games addict?

      by jecarts143 ·

      In reply to Video Games

      some of people a just staying infront of the computer just playing video games whole day 24\7 without considering that time had passed…

    • #3280834


      by dwrandolph ·

      In reply to Video Games

      TR seems to have enough difficulty already generating content for working professionals. Please go to a game site for game reviews.

    • #3276032

      more games

      by bmurda0083 ·

      In reply to Video Games

      yea fo sho i needa se dem games in hur boi

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