Virgin Atlantic 25th Anniversary TV advert !!! <gasp> <gasp> ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
This deserves posting on BOTH forums.

Check it out!

Gotta run - it's on again (somewhere!) :^0

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Bad Bad Bad OM

by OH Smeg In reply to Virgin Atlantic 25th Anni ...

Have you see your Doctor recently to have your heart checked. That add will kill you if you keep watching it. :^0

Col ]:)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Virgin Atlantic 25th Anni ...

Red is your colour.

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by Shellbot In reply to Obviously.

Doesn't take much to get them worked up does it..

Sad... :)

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That is a lot more fun

by OH Smeg In reply to Sigh

Than a crappy NB Shelly. :0


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Ok, OM ......

by gadgetgirl In reply to Virgin Atlantic 25th Anni ...

If you're not already using it, go grab the downloader for FF3, then go back to YouTube and download the bloomin' thing.

Then you can play it to your hearts' content.


Just a bunch of big boys......

yeah, meant the DE, too


oh, and while you're there you may be able to find the season or two that ran of the Virgin cabin crew in training - also wearing red uniforms. That should keep you happy for a while.... if I remember what it was called, I'll let you know.....

Yeesh, you lot are like kids, aren't you?

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Downloaded it before I'd finished streaming it !!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ok, OM ......

I'm no fool - my ISP might crash sometime! :^0

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Yep GG both

by OH Smeg In reply to Ok, OM ......

Shelly & Boxy are really like Kids I fully agree.

Though I didn't think you would come out and say it so directly. After all piking on your fellow female TR Members just isn't done is it? :^0

Interesting add to watch once but I can't say I want to see it again. :0

OH an din answer to your new Avatar I'll pick the one in the LBD whichever one that is of course gets my vote. B-)


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by Shellbot In reply to Yep GG both

YOu must be feeling aweful brave today..cause yer just lookin for trouble now!

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Hey I didn't say Nuthing

by OH Smeg In reply to hmmm

It was GG read it for yourself Shelly. :^0

I was as surprised as you where but it's not my Fault. B-)

Col ]:)

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Nothing like a compliment

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Yep GG both

to lighten the day.

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