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Virtual Bar? No way!

By neilb@uk ·
I'm going for a real beer. It's 5:35 local time and I will be sinking a cold Foster's by the time the thread can be loaded.

See you later, guys and gals. :)

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oh dear

by jdclyde In reply to Virtual Bar? No way!

is it beerthirty already? ;\

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I'm not normaly a beer drinker in Canada and definitely not in ............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Virtual Bar? No way!

the US of A because beer on this side of the pond is too gassy or carbonated for my liking. Oh we do have imports but if they acquire any degree of popularity, they soon start brewing them locally under license and they just aren't the same anymore. We get Fosters in Canada but it isn't the same as it used to be when it was imported; more gas in it now. What I fail to see, that living in a nation that brews some of the finest beers and ales in the world, like Bass or Younger's which immediately come to mind, Why would you want to be drinking horse **** like Foster's. I wouldn't be surprised if it's brewed there under license like our version of Foster's. Add to that your current annoyance with Aussies and all I can say is I'm surprised by your choice of tipple. I don't drink much beer on this side of the pond because it usually makes me feel bloated and nauseous before I can get any sort of buzz on. My beer drinking over here is usually confined to hot summer day when I've been exerting myself on the golf course or sailing but when I'm in England or Scotland I can guzzle away to my heart's content without getting the feeling I'm about to toss my cookies. I can actually get a buzz on drinking beer over there whereas over in North America, two is my limit before I start to regurgitate. That's one reason why I normally drink Scotch or hard liquor. It doesn't make me feel ill. I've had "real" Foster's when I've been down under and it's not too bad but the Aussies have another brand, which unfortunately I can't remember, that I liked better.

Anyway Neil, with your present aversion to cheeky Aussies I was a little taken aback by your choice of Foster's. And here I was under the impression that you were a man of good taste........ at least as far as beer goes. :^0 How long do you intend to continue supporting the Aussie economy??? Not that I'm implying you are a souse or anything like that.

Dawg ]:)

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Of good taste?

by jdclyde In reply to I'm not normaly a beer dr ...

how do you know what Neil tastes like? :0 NEVERMIND! What two concenting adults do in the back of a porn shop is of no concern of mine! B-)

although you do seem to know a lot about strange things, like what horse **** would taste like? I will just have to take your work for THAT one too!

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Ah, not wearing your glasses again, are you??? ................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Of good taste?

Either that or you are in dire need of a dictionary; you might be able to learn English.:^0

For openers I said I thought he was a man of good taste. I did not say he tasted good or are you saying you have some strange urge to taste poor old Neil. Look out Neil!!! Be warned, Jd is on the loose and he hasn't been getting any lately. Beside I added the qualifier "of beer at least."

I called it horse **** because the colour is right and that's what it looks like. I never said I had any standard of comparison. I was just calling it as I saw it. Now here's a link for you and no it is not the idiot song. Try it!!! You'll laugh and if you want to use it, do so with my blessings.

Before you look at it, grab a cold one, sit down and polish your glasses or put your contacts in.
Have a good one Jd.

Dawg ]:) B-)

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It's what they sell in the local

by neilb@uk In reply to I'm not normaly a beer dr ...

next to the office. It's a tourist pub and the beer's shite but it's only 1m 35sec from my desk. We have very drying aircon in the computer room where I've being doing my tape-b:tch impersonation reloading our library all day and I needed something cold and wet so I could manage to speak again. 5% alcohol was incidental but welcome.

The first beer took a little over 5 seconds so taste was irrelevant.


Fosters is made under license. The alternative draught lager is Stella Artois which is also made under license and I find it so different from the original Belgian as to be almost undrinkable. I don't usually drink London bitters as I favour the Midland and Northern brews like Marstons.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to It's what they sell in th ...

You don't drink Banks's do you Neil?

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Not unless I'm held down

by neilb@uk In reply to Banks's?

and have it poured through a funnel.

I like my beers from Burton-on-Trent.

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Where we're you?

by Garret` In reply to I'm not normaly a beer dr ...

Depending where you went in Aus depends on what you would've had. You'd be pretty lucky to find a pub that actually sells Foster's though...especially draught.

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Fosters isn't really made in australia anymore

by mjwx In reply to I'm not normaly a beer dr ...

It's a tourist beer. Besides fosters sold out to someone offshore years ago (the bloody dutch I think) oh crap I said the B word <looks around for neil>. We still sell 5 litre cans though (mini kegs).

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by rob mekel In reply to Fosters isn't really made ...

Do mind that Heineken is 3rd, Anheuser-Busch is 1th and Interbrew/InBev (Belgian) is 2nd as in volumes of beer producing/selling.

And as for bl**dy dutch: we ain't that bl**dy, never did fight a war ...
always told some one to do it for us :) :^0 and more, they did do it :^0 :^0

Well not all of us stood by and watched. Some did fight on the good site. And still do as I recall correctly as they are going to an other mission in Afganistan. :)


edited for budweiser being a trademark of An-Bu

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