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Virus, Trojan and worms

By zlitocook ·
What drives a person to write and release these programs? I know some are looking to steal I.D., bank and personel info but there seems to be more to it then that. I mean some months there will be one or two released and others there will be ten or more. I was young once and tried things with the computer that I am not proud of but I did not hurt another person or computer! And I did not blame the movies or video games for it.

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Too much time

by Oz_Media In reply to Virus, Trojan and worms

So many people these days, especially kids, spend WAY too much time at the computer.
When I was a kid, there was NO WAY you could get me to stay inside for anything (including the new PONG). I was too interested in Baseball, movies, girls, bike riding, Scouts etc.
Kids just waste life at the PC thinking it will make them a real person. Instead, I find that kids these days are growing up with no social skills at all, thus all the "How do I find a job" postings here instead of them actually goping outside and looking for work.
If they have all this tmie to sit at the PC, what better way to scream at the real world than to write malicious code and brag about it to all your virtual on-line friends? Originally, SOME people were writing code to show off their skills in hope of getting employed as code debuggers etc.
Now it's just something to do, maybe that's also why baseball teams keep finding themselves shorthanded and cancelling games, Scouts are a thing of the past (too bad really, good character builder)and kids no longer get a tan from spending all day outdoors all summer.
I try to limit my son's time on the PC and have his computer time spent SOMEWHAT constructively although I let him play games too. It isn't just kidsthat are to blame though, parents need to be more active and get out WITH their children too.
If my ex-wife spends all day on her ***, why shouldn't my son?? I see him on weekends etc. and ALWAYS take him camping, fishing or play ball, hang out atthe park, hike etc. Most of the time, he's pulling me away from work on the computer so we can get out and actually do something.
Sorry, i strayed a bit...well, a lot... but maybe that's one reason why there are more and more viruses, too much time on their hands and nothing better to do and nobody to set the right example.

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Graffiti: et al

by TheChas In reply to Virus, Trojan and worms

Virus and worm programs are the modern equivalent of graffiti.

The boys (yes, most are males) who do these things have not yet learned how to deal with their testosterone level, and lash out at the world to show what they can do.

Once they mature emotionally, the disrespectful activity tends to cease.

The best way to prevent the problem is for every child to have a loving family that disciplines them when needed in a fair and consistent manner.


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Oh No

by Oz_Media In reply to Graffiti: et al

Stop it Chas, I'm gonna cry. I just can't take the warm fuzzy feelings.

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