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Vista Copy/Paste misses files

By john ·
I've just encountered another Vista oddity that spells danger for sysadmins, and perhaps someone else may have an answer or explanation that leads to a better practice for us...

Situation: A Vista install becamse corrupted (laptop lost power resuming from hibernation) and Vista SRT is unable to repair it. I had to take a backup before reinstalling. I removed the HDD, put it into another Vista machine, right-clicked the User's folder, COPY, right clicked the backup destination, PASTE. Simple huh? NO!

Firstly Vista throws the privilege elevation dialog at me (and that's another grump for another thread), then after I elevate from All-Powerful(not) Administrator to All-Powerful(kind-of) "User with Administrator" rights the copy started.

BUT two weird things then happen...

1) Despite it copying to a totally new file structure it came up with a "There is already a file with this name in this location" message - this is not possible unless Vista itself created the duplicates for some reason.

2) Once the copy was finished I compared folder sizes/file numbers. Totally different! The target has thousands of files missing. The difference seems to be the AppData folder (OK it may not be important as I am reinstalling anyway but still...) Whilst copying it did ask me about 8 conflicts because files "existed" in the target, and I skipped those 8. But not several thousand.

So what's going on here - can anyone explain Vista's "selective" copy process or tell me what I did wrong, or suggest a better way of backing up user data?

And many thanks in advance to all who assist via forums - you are good karma personified!

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by john In reply to Vista Copy/Paste misses f ...
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John .....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Vista Copy/Paste misses f ...

re-post this in the questions section - it'll get more technical viewpoints that way.


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by jim In reply to Vista Copy/Paste misses f ...

1. Make sure you are displaying all hidden and system files.
2. Take Ownership of ALL the files/folders.
3. Give your user name Full Control over the files.
4. Ensure the above 2 conditions are true of the destination.
5. Ensure your destination is right offthe drive root so you don't run into limits with the number of sub directories.

You might want to consider using the command line or a third party program.

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