VISTA in grayscale issue

By Adisha ·
A colleague's VISTA PC suddenly went grayscale after switching users.

The strange thing is that it is colour as it boots up but when the VISTA OS login screen appears everything is monchrome. Has this happened to anyone else*? What could be done to resolve this issue? All cables are securely in place - I have even re-loaded the monitor driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*Since the original posting I have discovered another unresolved instance of this issue:

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Ok ..try this..

Right click on an empty space on your desktop, then select "Personalize > Windows colour and appearance", and then select any colour you like. If this does not work then go into your control panel and select "programs and features" and delete anything that relates to your graphic card IE: nvidia. When you have done this make sure that you have the graphic card driver disk to re-install the drivers. Or: Start > settings > control panel > system > device manager, and see if there are any yellow or red tags next to your graphic card(s) in the list, if there is then right click on it and select "update drivers > browse computer for drivers" and select the different driver in the list.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Nope didnt work for me....

by krisbell In reply to Ok ..try this..

This didnt resolve the issue - I'm not convinced in a graphics driver problem as if I switch users the other users are all fine and in colour, just this particular user. Sometimes going into sleep mode can make it start displaying colour again but sooner or later it switches back again.

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Accessibility settings

by EdLockett In reply to VISTA in grayscale issue

It would be a good idea to check the accessibility settings, I think this may be an option for visually impaired people.

Good luck..

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