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Visual Impairment

By majellaryan ·
Has anybody any experience of dealing with somebody who has a visual impairment and is embarking on a PC Maintenance Course and also possibly NT4. I am the trainer and would appreciate any help on this topic. Regards


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Adaptive Aids for Visually Impaired

by f-2379390 In reply to Visual Impairment

One of the most useful tools is Zoomtext Xtra Level 2 - available from AI Squared at It is a screen magnifier with a number of extra features, including the ability to place numbered placeholders - or 'bullseyes' on parts of the screen as a reminder. The cost of the program is about $600 u.s. but there is a full featured 30 day trial version.
There is a large keyboard - and I mean large, 1 inch square keys - called the Discovery Unicorn available from Don Johnson in the U.S.. And there is Dragon Systems Naturally Speaking.
Those are among the more popular ones, for a more extensive list you may want to go to Maxiaids - - and download their extensive catalogue over adaptive aids for special needs, including computer users.

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by Al Macintyre In reply to Visual Impairment

It has been many years since I knew a person who was blind & proficient in computers.

All the parts had to be identified using brail so he could by feel know what it was. Some parts you cannot fit into the current containers with any added identification.

This guy has a brail strip on keyboard so that he could see what was on monitor, except he did not have a monitor. All the keys on the keyboard had brail identification added, and there was like a roller to move the brail pins output up & down to read old lines next lines of text, adjust rate at which the output ran under his fingers.

He also had a printer that outputted the print raised so that by touching the paper he could read the data.

Now all this requires some cooperation by a sighted person to provide the tools with the brail attached, and it requires everything in every environment that he enters to have the brail correctly attached.

Now the guy was not totally blind. He was using like an astronomical pointsize of font so that where the rest of us might have 25 lines of 80 characters of text on our screen, he had like 2 words per line & 3-4 lines on screen at one time & could read it fine.

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