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Volunteer Web Coders.....

By Jaqui ·
In response to The Trivia Geek's comment
So you're talking about designing a parallel universe version of TR from the ground up as an open-source project. Interesting. Considering how feature-rich we'd need the site to be, that's one **** of a dev commitment, especially considering that we in all likelihood couldn't give you tie-ins to our live data (or even replicate the data to a dump server--that's a long story about caching and network latency).

Still, I like your moxie, and if I could swing the server space--a seriously huge if, mind you--this could be a heck of a fun exercise. And great PR, I don't mind saying. I still think we'd need a consensus spec document first, just so all our coder are on the same page.

Tell you what, if you get me a half-dozen names of seriously committed users who would be willing to hash out a spec and then help code a prototype, I'll fight for this as a project initiative. I can't make promises, but this sounds incredibly cool. Talk about user-driven Web sites.
in this thread:

Do we have any volunteers to work on designing a CMS script to be a replacement TR script?
with the features We ALL have been asking for, and the bugfixes we have been irritated with.

6 will get TTG to get admin approval for such a project. I'm looking at getting a host with version control service added. [ linux machine, ssh access, as well as web interface for the version control service.

Project Requirements to be obtained from TTG / TR if we can get enough volunteers.
[ this may be moved / copied to a public forum if not limited to TR Insiders for the volunteers ]

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some things to concider..

by Jaqui In reply to Volunteer Web Coders.....

For those who will participate in this project.

1) scripting language to use?
2) which open source licence to use?
3) coding standards?
4) documentation reqirements?

if there is a go ahead, these will need to be decided before anything else is done. TR may have in their requirements items that will affect these, so none of these can be decided yet.

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Sorry mate

by Oz_Media In reply to Volunteer Web Coders.....

I just don't have time to play these days. You may have noticed I am here far less often than before and just post a couple of blurbs here and there when I get to it. (Hey I'm 67 again, gotta keep an eye out for 69, for a screen shot of course)

I don't mind offering layout/design/feature input sa ideas are implemented, but I just don't have the time or energy for coding, debugging etc.

Despite the fact that I just finished walking the US IT department through a VoIP cutover, I am really trying hard to focus on market development and avoid IT nowdays.

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I don't think I'd be much help. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Volunteer Web Coders.....

.....Web programming isn't exactly my forte'.

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