VPN in Rural Area (no DSL or cable)

By illinoisbird ·
I connect to work (fortune 50 company) using a VPN and currently have (satellite) and the response is very, very slow. Example, when sending an email, I must wait for seconds for the letters to appear on the screen. Many people in my office use the same system and have no problem. They have DSL or cable, neither of which can i get in the semi-rural area that I live. Having the company change something in the IT section is very difficult to say the least.
I have increased the level of service with hughes significantly and just recently added a static IP address. None of this has helped and currently pay $90 per month. The service is fine for all of our other internet needs.
Currently researching; aircard and fixed wireless internet connections. It seems to get a definite answer you need to sign up for the service first. Not willing to do that, as we need to pay a fee for the time left on the agreement.
VPNs are very popular, so thought this may be a forum to get clear answer, before I go the expense of swithing.

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Fixed Wireless would be my choice

You first need to ask your company's IT personnel to give you the throughput requirements for the VPN and applications you need to use. From that information, you can determine what type of Internet access will meet your needs.

If you are within the coverage area of a WISP, that should have the best chance of meeting your requirements. Typically a WISP has multiple data rate plans that you can subscribe to. One other factor to consider is the distance from the AP and physical obstacles along the path, becasue both will have an affect on the actual data rate.

A GSM or 3G telco data card would typically be better than satellite Internet, but not that much. It may not work correctly with the additional traffic required by using a VPN either

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Uplink Speed Is the Issue

by TheChas In reply to VPN in Rural Area (no DSL ...

The problem you are having with your satellite is very common.

The issue is that you have a comparatively slow up-link speed. It works fine for requesting URLS and text messages. However for work with large files and VPN traffic, it can be frustratingly slow.

To verify that the problem is your uplink and not the VPN connection, send a large file using your personal email account with the VPN off. I believe you will find that to be slow.

As for the aircard or fixed wireless service, have them show you the detailed area coverage maps. If you are in the midst of the service area and they can show that at least 2 access points overlap your location, you should be in good shape.

Your download speeds may be slower than with your satellite. But, your upload speed will increase significantly.


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If I had to deal with such crappy internet access, I'd move to be honest

by ManiacMan In reply to VPN in Rural Area (no DSL ...

Satellite is too prone to outages due to atmospheric conditions, and depending on how rural your area is, you may not have a cell tower close enough to use the existing cellular network on an aircard to surf the web.

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